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Norton is a friendly town with many people that work hard to make it great. Most people love the school system, however, many in Town do not want to support upgrades due to increase in txes they would have.
It would be nice to have more Businesses especially to help with taxes, and help improve the food experiences. One issue that is not good is problems with water quality.
Norton is a very small town the has one street light, three dunkin donuts, one honey dew, and one grocery store. There are a few Restaurants. Everyone knows each other here and they have really great houses and neighborhoods. It is a great place to have and raise a family.
I have lived here all my life with my parents. It is a small and quiet town without much crime or pollution.
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Norton is a wonderful place to live. Very quiet eith friendly people. There are several places that you can take long walks.
The school is great but the town needs some lifting up. I go there for school and it is a lovely quiet town. Has everything you need necessity wise but could be more exciting.
Norton is a quiet, small town. There isn't a ton to do, but the amount of small, local restaurants is surprising! Many family owned businesses serve food from all over the world, from China to Italy to Mexico to a hearty classic American meal. Norton has a very cozy feel to it, and there is a reservoir that is absolutely stunning as the leaves change color in the fall.
Norton is a quaint town located equidistant between the two major cities of Boston and Providence. Additionally, Wheaton college is located in the town center which offers a variety of family fun activities that help support a more wholesome community. Recently, additional housing complexes have been constructed which is helpful in helping give people choice with respect to their housing decisions. The public schools are well known for their excellent standards and have been commended for continued success in educating the youth. Lastly, the town has many restaurants and food outlets for those that search for food diversity. In sum, a very pleasant place to live.
We have lived in norton for over 70 years. Nice little town. can get noisy during concerts at comcast center. and we are a PGA town. I would not chose another place to live
I have lived here all my life and wouldn't change a thing. Although growing up I have had many complaints, I was never oppressed in norton. It's not like our surrounding cities, and definitely has some townies. We are conveniently located between Boston, providence, and the cape. Although Norton itself has little to no shopping centers/activities, we are within driving distance to anything necessary. It's fun to be from a small town sometimes.
Great place for a great college experience, but not too much else. Easy to get around and super friendly people at the campus.
I love it here. Very welcoming and close-knit. Everybody knows everybody. There are nice restaurants and safe places to hangout. I have been in Norton schools my whole life and I am thankful for the experience of living in a small town that is in a good location, surrounded by many other great towns and close to Boston and Providence.
Overall Norton has been a great town to grow up in. It is a very family friendly place, as a kid there were many places we could play, ride bikes, kayak, swim. In school, i feel as though i have also had a great education, the teachers are always there for you to help out, and many of them are involved in the community such as coaching sports and volunteering around town. There isn't much night life around here, but all and all I am very happy to call Norton my home town.
Very quiet area with good schools. Crime is non-existent, and it is quite close to both Providence and Boston by train or car.
We had an incident with a shooter near campus last Spring sememster
I have never had a personal experience with the police department so it is hard to judge their responsiveness. Overall I feel that they fully respond to other problems with the recent issues around town. Because there is Wheaton College in the center of town we have their campus police which help. Its a small town with not much going on.
I have lived in Norton my whole life. Although at times it became boring- it is in the middle of a lot of places that have places to go. Although walking to the center of town is not exciting, it is a relatively short drive to wherever you want to go. This also makes it an ideal place for families because the sense of community is larger than a commercialized town.
There's not much crime that goes on within the community.
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It's a nice small town where everything is pretty much safe and the schools are pretty good.
Norton is a fairly quiet town. The education system has gotten a lot better and has rapidly gone up in school rankings. There is little to no serious crimes. The people are kind of noisy and everyone knows everything about everyone else but you get used to that after a while. The restaurants are good, at least the few we have. Also, the traffic isn't all that bad except for between 2:30pm-5pm.
4 seasons so the weather changes a lot.
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