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I've grown up in this town my whole life and have almost always had good experiences. School was tough for awhile and the school system isn't as great as they lead on but overall I'm glad that I grew up here and still call it my home. There is a strong community and it is full of families.
Northwood is a small community outside of Toledo, OH. I love this community because I feel safe here. I would like to see more businesses and places to do things.
Northwood is a small town right outside of Toledo, Ohio. It is a tight-knit community where everyone is involved and interested in bettering their neighborhood. There isn't very little crime and an ideal place to live if you would like to raise kids here.
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Always quiet, safe, and secure. Never have had any problems with neighbors or any people in the community. Only issue is the trains, but the overpass recently built has helped a good deal with that.
I love the school district for my children. I feel very safe when I am home, my two little children can safely play in our yard and play outside with the neighborhood children.
Not many if at vacant houses
Neighbors are friendly, very dog friendly neighborhood. Overall pretty typical neighborhood.
Concerns are of local hotels, police available
Simple, traditional, small time America city
I wish I could move out and get away as soon as possible.
There really isn't any crime. If any, it's underage drinking or someone speeding.
We get all four seasons. It's usually pretty balanced, except the winters can be kind of long.
Everything is boring. There is nothing to do. Nothing is unique.
There aren't very many places to work. Most people commute into the city to work.
Everything in the direct area is just pretty mediocre.
In the little town of northwood there is little to no major crimes. Although the bigger city of Toledo is knocking on our door northwood is very safe.
This is a great city filled with everything from tiny little store to huge department stores. Everything that you could possibly need is here!
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There are lots of hospital jobs here, most I know work in some kind of health care line of work.
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