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The housing is very good. Houses are constantly being bought or sold and sometimes there are some even being built. Everyone has pleasant houses and have a nice exterior and many pride themselves on that. There are little to no abandoned properties. The prices are very good also, affordable and no one is unable to find somewhere to live.
There is a very strong community sense in my community. Most young couples move here and live here until their children graduate and fall in love with the area and stay and many have lived here their whole lives. It is a very friendly town, everyone waves and will constantly stop to talk. There are always something to do around here, a high school sporting event or a community gathering, there is always an event to meet up with others and get out.
Coming to this area you can feel how safe it is. Everyone is here to live instead of promoting crime. If there are any crimes our cops are very good at solving the problem and prosecuting. Any time you look out the window you see their cop cruiser which is really impressive since we only have 2!
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I think Northwood is a wonderful town. The people are supportive, the businesses are successful and the school is growing. I would come back here after college for these reasons. Also the area is so safe, rarely a crime happens and if it does it isn't anything too serious. I love the town I was raised in and hopefully one day I come back and make this home a place for my family.
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