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Northville is a very cozy and fun town to live in. The downtown area is great with many restaurants and coffee shops to choose from. Ford Field allows for a place where Northville residents can unwind by the river and visit the old fashion village.
Lot of new things stores are popping up. The public schools in the area are amazing! Really nice people. Very low danger.
Northville is a great place to raise a family. I have lived here my whole life. There is a lot to do around here.
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Great schools beautiful houses and friendly people. The subdivisions here are amazing. Northville has new houses.
Small Town with a cute downtown area. There's always something happening downtown for the residents. The city, however, has outdated websites and a poor social media presence.
Northville is very clean and well kept. It is a very bubbly city with many nice people who live there. Most people who live in Northville make good income and are very well educated, and the schools are very good.
This is a very expensive neighborhood, but there is always something going on! I have never seen a town so busy during the summer and fall months. They are also VERY good about cleaning up after a bad snow storm and making sure the community is safe. It's a huge up and coming area for new and growing families.
It’s a very large community and the schools are great. The environments of the elementary schools seem very inclusive. The only downside is that it seems to be a very wealthy area, and the downtown is more geared towards the adults. In comparison, areas like downtown Plymouth seem more kid friendly.
Beautiful city to live in with a great community. Has many different boutiques in its downtown. Would highly recommend visiting the city.
A nice family friendly area, very safe and secure. The police department are so quick and helpful. The whole area is beautiful, and the community is well connected.
Overall, Northville/South Lyon is a great place. There are good and bad pockets, a lot of "old school" ways of thinking, but I love the small town fill. The real estate market is overpriced, and the building is getting out of control, but the school system is phenomenal!
Nice wealthy town with cool activities and a downtown. However there isn't much diversity in Northville. A lot of kids aren't spoiled.
I liked living here a lot. It's a cute little town with mostly friendly people but it wasn't very diverse. It is also a highly expensive place to live, especially if you're looking to buy a home here.
Northville is a predominately white upper middle class neighborhood. The public school system is absolutely amazing and it is a great place to raise a family. As a teenager or young adult it is incredibly boring, but extremely safe. There are issues with racism and prejudice but it is not as big of an issue as one might expect in this kind of neighborhood.
Northville is a nice place to raise a family.... if you can afford to live here. I was fortunate enough to begin my life here as a child, therefore the cost of living was not nearly as much as it is now. I wish they would build more affordable, single family homes instead of the ridiculous mansions. Other than that, it truly is a great place to live with many attributes to offer.
The community is nice and very safe. Downtown Northville has some interesting shops and restaurants. There's a lot of parks and recreation areas around. It is a little boring given its size.
Northville is a great place for people of all ages. It provides a safe space for activities and sports. Crime is minimal to non existent, and the city includes many upscale restaurants and commercial businesses.
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I love the peacefulness and overall atmosphere of Northville. Everyone is very kind and the environment looks great! The schools are fantastic, and there is honestly very little I would want changed about Northville.
An amazing area for living. A lot of people, fresh air, very safe and friendly. I love spendig time in one of the lakes Northville has. It is a place that people should visit fisrt, and they will fall in love with it. Excellent score is not enough for this area. It is amazing!
There is nothing to do for young people. Yet, the area is really nice and calm. There is no bustle of the city, and it isn't far from 12 Oaks mall.
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