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I have lived in Northbrook for over 6 years and it has been a privilege to live in such a great city. The schools are outstanding both academically and athletically which provides students with a superior level education and a place for their passion for sports to flourish. It encompasses a very safe and diverse community in which every family feels a sense of safety in such a family friendly city.
I like how I feel safe in the community. However, I do not feel particularly close with many of my neighbors, and would like for the sense of community to be strengthened. Northbrook could improve on having more things to do near the schools (not in downtown Northbrook) as a source of entertainment for residents and kids who do not want to drive far.
Great northern suburb of Chicago to raise a family in! The school systems are definitely a perk of living in Northbrook. Likewise, the community events are extremely open and family-friendly, truly a great place to grow up and find your roots.
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Northbrook is a good place to raise kids. Nice schools. Won't stay when I retire, but good for before that.
Northbrook is a very safe neighborhood. In addition, there are several schools that are great academically. However, there is not a lot of racial diversity. In addition, there isn't a strong sense of community. Although, the distant nature can be a nice change.
This village is a great place to raise children. Although it is quite a bubble when it comes to diversity and political views, it is very safe and there are great resources for growth opportunities. I have lived in the Bay Area in California and Central Israel, and the schools in Northbrook are by far better than both of those places. The downside is that the stress load is a little overbearing, but it is just a part of the social system, and it prepares you very well for college life and the competitive nature of jobs.
Northbrook is very close to Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago. The majority of residents are middle-upper middle class so crime rates are low and it feels very safe.
The best part about Northbrook is its schools. Everyone strives for excellence. However, if you want more ethnic/socioeconomic diversity, head to Glenview.
I like Northbrook because there are a lot of things to do. The streets are generally maintained well and so it is easy to get around. The general village is full of trees, grassy areas, and parks so there are plenty of good places to enjoy nature.
While I haven't lived In Northbrook my whole life, when I moved here with my family, we had lovely neighbors. The town is also very beautiful and I love how they decorate the streets of downtown Northbrook with lights. Very festive.
While Northbrook has been a great place to grow up, some of my classmates are snobby and entitled. Yes, we live in a community with more wealth than the average American family, but money does not make you better than others. While Northbrook has its advantages, it lacks racial diversity. Northbrook has a high Jewish population so citizens are generally very tolerant and kind. Our town is mainly liberal, although people will be open minded to someone who is conservative.
Great schools such as Glenbrook North! I love the town and friends that I have made. The area is expensive but worth it!!
The closeness of the stores and restaurants and the quant downtown area. It a nice quite area and has nice walking pathways and sidewalks.
Northbrook is a great place to live. It is safe and welcoming. The schools are among the best rated in the nation. Lots of activities, sports and community to be a part of.
Great schools. Great opportunities between the Park District and the local Y for finding things to do. People are generally nice , but a lot of people view themselves as privileged white people and don't treat people with the respect and understanding that everyone deserves.
Northbrook to me has been a great place to be raised in but it is like a bubble. You are protected from many things that that outside world faces. While I do enjoy living here, I would change that people, especially teens, are very cliquey and tend to only hang out with certain people. I feel like it is similar with the parents to be honest. I do enjoy all the memories that I've made and the people I've become friends with in Northbrook.
Northbrook has some of the best public schools you'll find in Illinois! In addition, it is family friendly and incredibly safe.
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Northbrook is a good place for families and you can get a great education, but the social climate is very difficult. There are not a lot of things to do and there isn't much diversity.
Northbrook is a wonderful and very safe community that is perfect for families. The schools in Northbrook are exceptional and prepare students for success in their future endeavors. There are many wonderful job opportunities in this community and the real estate market is always booming. Northbrook is very family friendly and everyone in the community is very supportive of one another and the community is always giving back in some way. Commuting is nice because there is not much traffic and everything is close in proximity. Northbrook is also roughly 30 minutes away from the city of Chicago, making it easy to commute for work.
Great town. Very clean and quiet but not too quiet. Its a great suburbs that is not too small but not too big. There are some cute local shops. The downtown area is very nice and they hold events in the village green. There are plenty of parks and a great school system.
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