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Beautiful area and lots of local businesses. Great farm/ town aspect. But also like a small city. Lots of things to do and its so beautiful in the fall.
This town is tiny. The "small town" feel that you see in a cheesy teen movie is definitely here on this one, but filled with drugs and all sorts of unhappiness. You grow up with your neighbours, your neighbour's neighbour... everyone is so close that you just can't seem to get away. Of course, some people like that, but don't let that closeness fool you. The schools are full of toxicity. There are so many drug and nicotine and violence related issues in the schools it could almost feel like a war zone. Teachers get paid good, the music and drama programs are impeccable, but Northbridge just seems to find it hard to make the good teachers stay. New teachers are constantly being hired, which disallows students to connect with them and actually feel mentored. The place is nice, sure, clean, nice secretary, but behind everyone in the town is just a sad bitterness. Northbridge is like any other tiny town in New England, and not worth anyone's time.
Such a great town with many traditions and families that have been there for many years. The great schools provide an excellent education and experiences! Many local restaurants and stores that give the town life.
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For what I am looking for - this town is great. Though it is in Eastern Massachusetts it is one of the very last reasonably priced real estate places. It also is completely unknown by most so traffic isn't bad. You might think there aren't a lot of shops but it is reasonably close to Upton / Uxbridge / Grafton and is no more than a 10 minute ride to do shopping. There is a commuter rail stop in the next town so it isn't 100% out in the boonies. The schools are probably not the best but if you don't have kids or the kids go to private school you should check this town out. It is up and coming.
The town is a vibrant community that takes pride in how it keeps its streets. It is a town adorned with more the 10 churches which participate in community outreach programs that help those in need. The town is small, but connected. The environment, more intimate and more familiar. There is a golf course, a small skate park and a open field where the little leagues go to practice. It is a peaceful town, where the police are vigilant, the neighbors are friendly, and the conversations are open.
I do not really care about Northbridge. I live here, but I am not a fan of a lot of the people. Many people in the Northeast are extremely rude. There is no patience on the road, in classrooms, or in the store (on occasion). The plows are horrible and I want to live in the Mediterranean. Thank you for your time.
Not a bad small town in New England overall a good place to live. Schools are not the best but also not the worst nice little mill town to live in and raise a family.
This is a quiet town. There is not much to do for nightlife but there are some nice paths and trails in the area. Any time we want to do something more than hike or go to the grocery store we go to Worcester or Providence.
It is a very small town, with nothing to do. It has always been this way, to shop or get something to eat, you need to drive at least 15 minutes. As for the future, I don't see anything changing because it is a small town.
The police are visible and very responsive. They have a presence at the schools which is a good thing
I think I'd live here again but it's definitely not a place I would necessarily want to raise a family.
The town itself is wonderful. Small roads and little traffic make for easy getting around, assuming you have a car. Bus service only started in the past year and is still primitive, and the nearest train station is miles away. Small businesses make sure that the shop owners know you on a personal level, which is a wonderful feeling. Likewise, the fire department and police often know residents by name, further leading to a cozy town. The only real downside are some of the residents. Such a cozy town has made quite a few residents here complacent, and quick to complain about nothing. For example, Calls often flood the town public works about clearing sidewalks during the midst of a winter snowstorm, when the focus is on clearing the streets. However, I would definitely live here again! It has a classic New England feel, which I personally like, and I could definitely see myself living here in the future.
I feel that the task-force should be larger for the size of the town but it is pretty good.
I feel it could be better. But people I know seem to have great jobs and seem to be pleased with what they're doing.
I love Corner Pizza and Pepperoni express. Both have great pizza and awesome subs! It is one of the greatest places besides Wings over Worcester which is to die for.
I wish there were more places to freely explore nature around town
There is little to no public transportation. Parking is generally fine but pedestrians and bicyclists are often forgotten about
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It's New England so naturally the weather varies. Snow is never too big of a problem and neither is drought
Not much available for families looking to rent and that have pets. if you're rich you can find a good house easily but the housing is average
Not very many options and not much variety. Mostly fast food and unhealthy stuff.
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