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The school system is good and like any place you have your fair share of effective or ineffective teachers. It was hard being a student of colour here, the town is very small and close knit. Although I did grow up here at one point I became uncomfortable. There are sports teams you can join and other extracurricular activities. This is a growing community and has expanded much in the past few years!
I greatly enjoy living in the town of Northborough. This is a great town with lots to do. The neighborhoods are very safe and friendly here.
Small, quiet town. Good places to eat and spend the day nearby. Good to settle in and raise a family. Near cities like Worcester. About 30 miles from Boston. There are too many cops though.
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I have lived here for most of my life and have gone to northborough public schools. This is a small town where people know each other, but there isn't much to do especially downtown. However, we do have Wegmans which is a big plus
A quiet town with a pretty good education system, very little crime, and lots of scenic nature for walking and such. Traffic isn't bad, there are stores to buy everything you could need in town, and the people are generally pretty nice. The biggest problem is a lack of entertainment/things to do. It's just a regular suburb.
Very great, quiet town. Northborough is overall extremely safe and an open community. It is a very family-friendly town with great schools and family events, such as an apple fest with fireworks.
Great town for a family and great option to raise kids, with great schools, it feels very safe, pretty clean and tidy. Not much nightlife, but that prob shouldn't be the main concern of families with young kids, but there are many family friendly events. Properties and neighborhoods are well taken care of, public spaces are also. I just wish there was a dog park, that's the only thing I really miss and there are no alternatives.
I've lived here for over 20 years and raised my children here. The town has managed to maintain its small town charm while the towns around it grow crowded and congested. The schools have always been excellent and the value of getting an awesome education without paying the high closer to Boston prices is a great reason to choose this town. There's quick Highway access plus plenty of spots for shopping and dining. And, of course, Wegmans!
We’ve lived here for a few years now and couldn’t be happier. Sweet, friendly little town and a wonderful spot to raise a family.
I have lived here my entire life, and my parents have as well. It is an incredibly clean and safe environment; not too big of a town and not too small. The schools are fantastic and opportunity is plentiful.
Northborough is a great place to grow up. It can sometimes feel like the classic suburbia town but there is a lot surrounding it. Perfect distance from Boston and super close to Worcester.
Northborough is a great town for families. Very convenient to major highways, shopping malls, lots of restaurants and coffee shops.
Northboro is very safe and police are nice and helpful. The pnly problems are usually with teens and minor vandalism or robbery.
Northboro is a safe town that is great to raise a family. The schools are amazing and do a great job preparing children for college. People in the town are generally nice and tolerant.
Very few rundown houses in town. Most areas are pleasant to live in. Real estate tax quite high. Best areas of town close to high school.
Lots of volunteer opportunities. Quiet, residential area.
Quiet, residential area. Great schools. Limited leisure facilities.
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I think the general atmosphere here is ok. Neighbors are friendly here and everything is fine
They really care about what the locals want and what the majority votes on
Perfect safe family friendly neighborhoods, thats what the whole area looks like
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