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Northampton is an excellent town to live in. There are many shops on Main St. that are cute and fun to shop in. The schools are great and the people are friendly. There are dog parks, regular parks and a great community pool where people gather in the summer to cool off. I love living in Northampton. The Northampton Borough does a great Jack Frost Parade in October. That's always a fun parade to watch. I've lived here all my life and will most likely stay here once I graduate from college provided I can find a job in my field.
Jobs here in Northampton are poor and lacking advancement. People usually commute to Bethlehem or Allentown to find work. The people aren’t very welcoming and very cliquey.
I have lived in Northampton for two years, the job opportunities here are terrible, the high school isn’t the best, and there’s no room for advancement. Main Street and Newport Ave are very run down places to live. The people aren’t very friendly. We have the Gin Mille and the Roxy Theatre. There are many beautiful places to live in the Lehigh Valley. Northampton on the other hand, is not recommended.
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Northampton is no longer an area that it used to be years ago. I enjoy that it’s minuts away from Allentown/Bethlehem. I would like to see the borough to roll out the red carpet have more job opportunities for those who want to excel.
Northampton is a fairly safe, quite community in the Lehigh Valley, but it also lack job opportunities and the high school isn’t the best. Personally, I've never had the best experience at Northampton. The network of students isn't the greatest- we've had bomb threats and drug busts, and many students partake in "bad" activities. I've found it quite hard to feel comfortable, and because of this I haven't been able to make many friends because they aren't "my type." One good thing; some teachers are really great. However, overall, I would have preferred to go to a different school.
It's hard living in Northampton. I like that I have family that resides here, but I would like to see a more friendlier neighborhood. A lot of the people that live in Northampton are very stuck up and judgmental. I've lived in this town all my life and I seen all the crap that goes on each day. A very quaint town indeed.
It's a quiet place to live, I feel like there should be more activities for children and young adults that lives in the community. The people who live in Northampton need to step up and treat this town like a welcoming community.
Northampton is a really nice town. The things I would like to see change in this town is the residents. There’s people that are nice but then they are the ones who are rude and immature. I wouldn’t raise my children in this town. People fly up and down Main St not looking where they’re going. Then you got the younger crowd that hangout by the tressle getting drunk, doing drugs, and acting stupid.
Northampton has the potential to be a quaint little town in the Lehigh Valley, however, it is run down and the people aren’t very welcoming. There’s a lot of close mindedness. However, the Rocky Movie Theatre offered $3 movies.
I would prefer to live more south or out west, I love the warm weather and the people here are not always very nice. I am originally from Virginia, and the people from where I am from are a lot nicer than those up north here.
Average town in the Lehigh Valley, PA. The high school does not effectively prepare students for higher learning. The school district has scored average on state exams. The town itself can be better. The people that recently moved here aren’t the friendliest. If your from a certain area, they would talk down to do or act stuck up or rude.
Northampton PA is a small borough 20 min north of Allentown. It’s hard to find a job here. Your perspective of living here is either working at a cement plant or a dead end construction job.
It's great if you like small town/country settings. And there's the Roxy, this really cool old theatre with inexpensive movies :)
There is so much offered in Northampton and the surrounding areas. It is very scenic depending on where you go with lots of options for restaurants with great food and small shops to go to as well as a movie theater that has tickets for $3 for movies that are about two months old. Great friendly place to live and visit.
There is barely any crime heard of in our town. A few years ago there was a big murder case and around the same time there was a local drug bust. Other than those two incidents, I cannot recall any serious crime in the last 10 years that we have been living here. Police are visible at most times, I see them at least once or twice a day.
I love living in a small town like Northampton. I am able to walk to school and all of the sporting events or practices that I want or need to attend. There is also a plethora of places to eat with great food. My family probably eats out at least twice a week to support local eateries. The people are generally friendly and there are many great neighborhoods to live in.
I haven't seen any crime, it's a small town.
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There have been ups and downs, but it's improving.
I have was born and raised in the Lehigh Valley of PA. In general there is not much of anything to do in the area. Many new businesses have been built in the past few years but it still lacks. Restaurants are average or below average. The cost of living and housing is cheap. Many of the houses are in need of renovation but the land is beautiful. There is easy access to major highways to the TriState area. I'm looking forward to moving to somewhere in California, Florida, or possibly New york or Toronto. The quality of life is better and the people are educated and successful. There are lots of shops, places to eat, things to see and tons of nightlife. I am staying in PA until I can afford to move, but It is not the area for me. I need a bigger city with more excitement and motivation.
There's hardly any businesses in town which makes for terrible overall job outlook.
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