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It's a small sanctuary city, generally progressive, named the 5 College Area including to Smith College, UMass Amherst, Mt. Holyoke, Hampshire College. A quaint and diverse city, it has an interesting mix of restaurants, unique shops and entertainment venues. The center of Northampton is contrasted by rolling hills of Mount Tom and surrounding farmlands, many organic. Northampton provides farmers markets and farm shares to the community.
i have lived in Northampton most my life and i have loved it. very gay and lesbian friendly along with being very artsy. its a wonderful place to start a family and i'm defiantly moving back after i finish school.
The adversity and the wide variety of activities. And the school system. This town has the five colleges in the area so there are many different students from all over the world. It makes this area very diverse. However, It is not as liberal as one would think. There are many closed minded individuals that create issues that are not there. We have a huge problem with vagrancy as well.
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Northampton is a diverse community. Everyone feels welcome no matter what race, gender, religious belief, or view of the world. There are many places to eat, drink coffee, and sit and have a conversation with friends or strangers.
A great neighborhood! Very safe and very walkable. It has a lively downtown with good energy. There are many places to eat downtown. It is a college town but the students do not overrun the town.
Northampton is a vibrant community. It is lacking in diversity, and tends to view itself as progressive even when it is not. The area is beautiful, and has many opportunities for entertainment in the town and surrounding area.
I'm from Europe and have lived in the US about 7 years. 3 years in NJ, 2.5 years in IN, and a little bit more than a year now in Northampton, MA. I like it best here. People are very friendly and open-minded. I like the many small (family owned) businesses here with there unique style, the micro-breweries, the many orchards/nurseries, healthy live style, and everything close by.
My experience in Northampton has been great, not many problems. I wish there was more things to do for teens but other than that it's a cute little town. You can always find something to do, even if it's just walking around with some friends.
Northampton is a pretty liberal and accepting town. Downtown Northampton is always a great place to hang out and get food.
Having lived in MA my whole life, I finally moved from a super small town in the middle of nowhere to Northampton. Whether you live right downtown or up towards Florence or Hatfield, you can always feel a part of the community. The variety of residents who have lived here forever, come and go for college, or moved here for better opportunities, you'll find your people.
Northampton is a town especially for families. The town is extremely progressive and proud of it. There are many local stores and a nice downtown. The town is small, so while it is nice there is not too much to do. The restaurants are great and there are a lot of options. There is a bike path that connects many towns in the area and it well done. There is a lack of good public transportation, but the local bus does run daily.
There is no place like Northampton. It is a city within a city. It is warm, small niche. Everyone knows each other and it is safe environment.
Northampton is a small city in western,Ma. It is the epitome of diversity and unity. Northampton is eclectic and has very rich history to it.
Northampton is a beautiful, small, nonjudgemental and accepting community. We are diverse and have great colleges near by. We are very accepting and support all.
Very safe friendly!!! They also care about the environment because plastic grocery bags are banned!!!!
Northampton is an amazing small arts town. It is full of life, education, and expression. I have lived in Northampton on and off for 20 years. I love it and I will always call it my home. I work at Viva Fresh Pasta, and I intern at the School for Contemporary Dance and Thought. I am always running from place to place because I am a full time student, intern, and work full time. The good thing about Northampton is that the food is amazing, and there is always something new to try.
Great town. A good mix of college-aged people and older folks. Everybody is really relaxed and nonjudgmental. Very bike/hike friendly. Great local beer and food.
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Northampton is a small city within a wonderful natural environment of Western Massachusetts woods, hills, mountains, rivers, meadows and farm. It also has a population of progressive minded people, an excellent arts culture (colleges (Smith, Mt. Hoyloke, Amherst, UMass, etc) and fine museums with easy access from Northampton to North Adams to Williamstown to Hartford, CT; great schools, all the services one needs and the most beautiful fruits and vegetable from local farms at the farmstands. It's just 1.5 hours drive to Boston; 2.5 hours drive to Manhattan. But for $100- $120 RT, you can take the train to Manhattan and get your big-city fix in at low cost. Northampton tends to be pricier than surrounding towns, but the surrounding towns have the same benefits. Western Massachusetts is one of the most beautiful, safe, happening places on earth.
This is a very vibrant town filled with many different people, languages and cuisines. there are is a state university nearby as well as 4 other highly ranked colleges. It is very walk-able and bicycle friendly as most resident own a bicycle. There is a bicycle path that run through 3 towns that can be accessed from Northampton.
Northampton Massachusetts is a cute town filled with lots of retail, restaurants, clean parks, and safe neighborhoods. It's a great place to grow up with excellent schools, consisting of short commutes with a great bus transportation to the surrounding towns and atttactions. Northampton is a college town with lots of surrounding arts and fun. If you're looking for a place to call home northampton is the place for you.
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