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It's okay here at the time for me to attend college, but i plan on moving sometime in 2015.
Summer is great except for the insane humidity. Fall is amazing! Winter is terrible..
There isn't much available outdoors for physical activity, but the new Muskingum Recreation Center on the Ohio university zanesville campus is great!
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Crime isn't really an issue in the area of town that I live in, but there is quite a bit of crime in other parts of town.
Most of the people I meet work for Time Warner Cable.
The Market House in downtown Zanesville is the best thing this town has going for it.
Most businesses and building in the area have been here for a long time and are starting to show their age. When it comes to shopping, I usually drive an hour to Columbus.
Mostly the typical small family homes with 2-3 bedrooms and a few bathrooms.
have never ridden on a bus in zanesville besides a school bus. It would be great if we had more sidewalks and bicycle lanes.
overall the people seem to be pretty friendly with the occasional creepy man here and there that you need to look out for.
the only park I recall is Dillon State Park, and I wouldn't chose to go there..
Overall Zanesville is a pet and family friendly community; however it is lacking quite a lot when it comes to parks and/or walking trails for families to spend their time outdoor when the weather is nice.
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