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Quiet suburb of Portland. Great school system, nice people. Would like to see more businesses so that we don’t have to leave town so much to run errands. Would like to see more of a downtown where people could interact more.
Small town Maine at its best. Terrific place to raise a family and te schools are top-notch (North Yarmouth children attend school in Cumberland). North Yarmouth would be considered a bedroom community of Portland.
Great place to live but no food delivery. So quiet out here at night and you can see the milky way. It's beautiful out here
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North Yarmouth is a suburb of Portland Maine with close proximity to Maine ocean views and local state parks. It is peaceful escape with easy access to many amenities.
Few abandoned houses though most living is in larger houses, there aren't many apartments available. The Foreside in Cumberland tends to cost more as it has an ocean view.
The people can be a little cold sometimes but they are kind when you get close. Many people have pets and there are wonderful opportunities to walk them incredibly near by. We have local events such as fairs and such. People tend to live here for many years.
I feel safe here. There are very few break ins, if any. People are respectful of each other's property.
Living in a small town has a lot of benefits. You grow up knowing whats right and wrong at a very young age. You know you can trust your neighbors, and they can trust you. Your town is resilient to whatever comes it's way, because being in a small town you all stick together. If I could do it all over again, I would pick to live in a small town, for all the reasons I've listed. I loved growing up with the stars at night, and the silence when it came time to sleep. I'm grateful everyday for the peace I grew up it. My small town made me who I am today.
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