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North Woodbury Township Reviews

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Transportation is okay, everyone drives where they need to go. There's no subways or trains. Busses are only in the major city and that is about 30 miles away.
We don't really have any attractions in this area. If you want any attractions, you'll need to travel.
The weather in this area is fair. However, lately the winters have been pretty nasty. They have been really cold and we have been getting more snow than normal.
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This area isn't bad for restaurants. But this is a dry town, so there are no bars allowed.
This area is really bad for employment. There are a few factories, a couple doctor's offices and a couple restaurants. But if you want something more, you'll need to travel a distance.
The local businesses in this area are okay. This is just a small, suburban area, so there is not to much to choose from when it comes to businesses.
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