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Because it is not too much like a city, the crime is pretty low. However, incomes are low in some places and there the crime rates are higher.
I love Windham because there are many things to do but it is not too crowded or too city-like.
The police are very visible in the area
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The area is up and coming- wealthier families are building and moving here.
Pretty cool place to live and centrally located!
As someone who is more interested in the arts and things that happen on a big scale, living in a rural community I feel has stunted my potential.
This area is a tourist town that should have quite a few option, especially happy hours. The restaurants offering a good happy hour are few and far between. There also are not many unique restaurants, they are all the same.
There are quite a few job opportunities in the area. Only problem is that the jobs are entry level/lower paying. I wish this area would bring in better paying jobs.
The grocery stores are first class as are the Pharmacies. The area is lacking in retail shops for the amount of people that live in the area. The stores that are here are clean, friendly and have reasonable prices.
There are a lot of chains in my hometown, Applebees, Friendly's, and of course all of the typical fast food places. However, there are locally owned restaurants in the area and also smaller restaurant chains that are specific to Maine such as Thatcher's or Gilbert's Chowder House. There are a couple of pizza places and sandwich shops that provide great local food for cheap. There's a variety in different types of food, there's Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Southwestern, Italian, and the classic American restaurant/cafe. The night life isn't crazy, there's one "club" in the area but it's just a bar for older people to go to. There are a few other bars in the area that people do go out to, however if one were to go "clubbing" they would drive 20 minutes into the closest city.
Being a high school student I have a part time job, also all of my friends have part time jobs in my hometown. Most of the time kids will get a job either at the movie theatre, the grocery stores, or the fun park in my town. However, many teens still get jobs at coffee shops or sometimes even working at daycares or in mechanic shops. It's harder for adults and parents to work in town just because most professional degrees would take place in the city, twenty minutes away. However, many people do have parents that work for oil companies, the smaller scaled doctor's offices around town, doing manual labor work, or just in one of the many businesses around the town. However, it is more typical for adults to maintain more professional degrees outside of the town.
Windham is a decent sized town, it includes the northern area where all of the stores and businesses are located and then in the central area lies the school system and most of the residents. Our town is fairly large and it shows this through the shopping complex area. While we don't have much for retail we basically have everything than an individual could want or need, one would probably never have to leave the town if they so desired. We have three large grocery stores, a multitude of gas stations and convenient stores, and a few local shops. All it takes to get whatever you may need is a ten minute drive (maximum), overall we're a very self sufficient town with a good amount of businesses.
Weather in Maine is beautiful! Summer, spring and fall are gorgeous and winter is nice for a little while but it is the longest season and it's definitely too long. But there are some aspects of winter that are enjoyable. Unlike some areas of the world Maine gets all four seasons and they're amazing to experience here. Natural disasters are not often here. The worst thing we get is snow storms, but they usually aren't too devastating. We rarely will get remnants of a hurricane that traveled up the coast but at that point it isn't powerful enough to cause extensive damage.
Windham itself is okay in the restaurant business, but there is much more diversity near us in Portland where a lot of people go for diverse restaurant options. Windham does have chain restaurants and fast food, as well as some locally owned restaurants, but not as many vegetarian and specialty restaurants.
Windham isn't extremely diverse, there are a lot of caucasians of average wealth.
Windham has a lot of gyms and facilities for exercise and a lot of people are often out running. For the most part people are generally healthy and active.
The lake is a big one that attracts tourists, tourists come to experience our nature. We also have some cool places like Seacoast Fun Park, Gray Animal Farm in the next town over, and we have some events in the summer like Windham Summerfest.
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Most quality of housing is great, but some areas of Windham are not as nice, such as South Windham. There are some abandoned properties but not enough to make the town seem vacant.
Police are all over, and crime is not a regular occurrence in Windham. Overall I feel very safe here.
The reaction time of the fire station and police station is good.
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