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It's a beautiful town but with very little activities for young adults. I would love for there to be a bigger night life scene, and maybe some better jobs.
I like the slow paced country setting here. Its the perfect place to raise my 4 year old daughter . I would like to have more kid friendly fun places here such as chucky cheese. Its pretty far from anything like that.
Love our choices of shopping and restaurants. Would love to see better employment opportunities! Easy to access town, lots of stop lights though!
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North Wilkesboro has small town America charm. It's a nice place to raise a family. The town offers a safe and pleasant atmosphere for family outings. This venue might be a little boring for those in search of the nite life.
Local community college. local area living with restaurants close by, everything is within walking distance. Country style living downtown.
The crime rate is about average. A lot of drug crime since it is a low income area. Police in the area seem to operate simply as drug busters and traffic ticket issuers. Not the safest area, but not the most unsafe either.
The area is incredibly rural, and many of the businesses and institutions have been in place since the early 20th century. It is also generally a pretty low-income area, so new businesses are hard to come by. Life is pretty stagnant. I would not choose to live here again.
It's relatively decent. I wouldn't say it's jobs people want but it pays.
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