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I've lived in North Wildwood for 5 years now. In the winter it is quite empty and peaceful, but in the summer it becomes packed with summertime renters and tourists. Once you live here long enough, you begin to recognize people when you're out and likely have similar schedules as everyone else. Many people go to the Wawa in the morning for their coffee, and get groceries at the Acme. I love the peacefulness and emptiness of it in the winter, but the summertime is whats a little obnoxious. It is almost necessary to have either dedicated parking for your house or a drive way in order to park near your house in the summer. Otherwise, the beach and boardwalk are an exciting and lively place to be in the summer.
I think North Wildwood is a very nice town. Mostly friendly people, the cops are nice and do a lot of enforcement. I would not recommend to live here in the off season if you like to stay busy and so stuff but you could always go 45 minutes away and find great shopping or just go to Philly. So overall I'll say this is a very good town to live in and way better then Wildwood.
I love how the beaches are so clean and it has some of the best sunsets/sunrises. The people here are nice and it's exciting in the summer time. The traffic can be a little hectic in the summer, it goes away in the winter.
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I love that I am close enough to both the wildwood boardwalk and the parkway so I have easy access to both without getting into areas that are too crowded.
Lovely place, the beaches are fantastic. Very family friendly and very safe. The bar district offers a vast amount of entertainment, food and drinks in a convenient area. Visitors and residents are able to walk nearly anywhere in town making commutes relatively easy. Winters are peaceful and offer some incredible opportunities for photographs.
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