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North Whitehall Township Reviews

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small and quiet. easy access to shopping and major highways
excellent schools and good transportation to them. close to night lite but far enough not to cause a problem
plenty of rural living and roads in very good shape.
easy access to big surrounding cities like philanthropy and new york
The overall safety is great but there is room for improvement in some areas but they are improving over time.
The overall experience of living in the Lehigh Valley is great. Everything overall like the new downtown Allentown is getting better. School systems are overall improving. The community is very family orientated. Its a great place to raise a family.
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I pass police officers a lot of the time. They have places they patrol and make sure people are not being out of control on the roads.
A quiet area that's close to the hustle and bustle of the city. I have no complaints about growing up here.
I absolutely love the atmosphere of where I live. Going to college in a state that's much farther than my home, I have realized how much I appreciate my home state. The people are so wonderful. Not that southern hospitality isn't great, but sometimes it's just too much for me. I'm grateful for the friendliness of my home, and the people that live there. It's the perfect balance of genuine care and trying not to be overbearing. The culture is also so different. I feel like people in the northeast are just used to a more fast-paced lifestyle, as I am, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Overall, I would choose to live here again. I would raise my family here, there is a considerably good public school system. The suburbs are reasonably safe. There are a variety of choices when it comes to eateries, grocery stores, and other daily businesses. As a whole, the area is growing. Growing businesses are coming to the area and enhancing the general atmosphere.
The crime here is very minimal. There is a sense of security in most locations, and the police to a great job in maintaining the peace.
I believe that the Lehigh Valley is a fantastic place to raise a family. I am fortunate to have been raised here, there is a strong sense of community as well as a low crime rate. Ten year sago there was not much to be done in the Lehigh Valley activity wise, however in recent years it has begun to change quite a lot. For example the introduction of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, a minor league hockey team, has reinvigorated the economy of downtown Allentown, and has made it a desired location to go. I see the Lehigh Valley taking off in the next year and becoming a desired location to travel to.
The atmosphere has always made me feel safe. I will continue to live here for many years to come.
This area is quiet and provides a lot of room for children to play. While it might not seem like it, the town has a lot to offer. There are several different places to eat, Lehigh Carbon Community College, the Lehigh Valley Zoo, and Shankweiler's Drive-In theater all within 10 minutes. There are also several trails to walk, run, or bike on and several parks for playing sports. The people are all friendly, and it is a small town so everybody knows everyone.
Four seasons bring very diverse weather here. can be heavy snows and ice in winter and heavy thunderstorms in summer. but many beautiful days in between.
People live here for a while. This is a pet friendly community.
Local government is okay. Not to bad.
Very few abandoned properties, most properties are kept up very well.
A lot of variety and locally owned stores, but there are still large chain stores in the area.
You have to motivate yourself to be healthy and physically active. You can go on runs or work out on your own, but there isn't a prevalent gym nearby. There is an excellent hospital nearby.
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Overall a very safe area. Crime exists, but is not prevalent.
People are generally nice. Not a very diverse area, but there is some.
Dorney Park is nearby, but we also have the Schnecksville Fair every June and there are a lot of nearby churches that host fun nights for the public. It isn't a very touristy area, though.
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