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Everyone pretty much knows each other. If someone needs help it is given. Everyone is friendly and has pretty much lived her all or most of their lives. Nearly everyone on my street has a pet of some kind or has multiple pets.
Crime isn't really an issue that I see very much of around where I live. There's like one guy that I grew up with that is trouble on my street but it's nothing serious. Just a kid trying to act like a punk.
Compared to some of the cities that surround my town, it's not bad. The town is small and it's nice to live here. Some parts are nicer than others but they aren't really bad. I've lived here since I was born and brought home from the hospital. There are places that I wish I could go to and live like Japan but this town is still my home even if I'm a loner.
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I've had some pretty good experiences in this area. Considering the surrounding cities and their conditions, I would say we are really lucky to live in this area.
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