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The community is cold to people that did not grow up there. My wife has been treated like an outsider since we bought our house. I moved from one town over and feel the same way. The politicians in the town don’t care about the people that live there and only care about getting re-elected. As soon as the election is over the don’t communicate with the community unless they have to. We will eventually move when we can afford to.
North Tonawanda is a small community that is very friendly. The high school has a new and updated football stadium to accommodate all sports. The track is open to the public to run or walk on. No major crimes for as long as I can remember.
Great community! Canal side is a great place to have a walk, and during Canal Fest, there’s great food, music, and games. There’s several parks spread out among NT. There are restaurants and plazas which are in a central area. Very fun place to explore.
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Great place to live, work, & place, pretty economical. Born & raised in North Tonawanda. Very historic area.
I love North Tonawanda. All the neighbors are super friendly. The houses are always decorated for every holiday.
North Tonawanda is a nice town to raise a family in. There are great programs for children. It isn't culturally diverse and there is minimal economic diversity, but there are good people here. The schools are decent. They aren't the best but they are exceptionally better than my personal experience in city schools.

The local library and youth center are staples of the community. The nightlife is growing and Buffalo is close. North Tonawanda seems to be growing as Buffalo is, with new businesses coming in and more opportunities.
North Tonawanda is a wonderful place to live and visit. There are so many things to see and do. One of the greatest things about North Tonawanda is that it is so close to surrounding cities and towns. The canal makes it extra special in that it gives everyone in the area a place to sit and relax by the water. There's a great biking trail that lines the canal and even goes right into downtown Buffalo. North Tonawanda has great nightlife and plenty of places and little fair and festivals to take kids to when out of school for the summer and on school breaks. North Tonawanda is a great place to grow up.
North Tonawanda is a strange place. Politically it is generally more progressive but people are weirdly quiet on big issues. It's like many people don't care about anything. The city itself is sort of in ruins considering all the potholes. These sort of things could be fixed. There aren't many nice views besides the river, which could probably be more of an attraction to the city if people put effort into making it look nice.
Great place to live. Some of the infrastructure could use a bit of repair and updating, but otherwise everything is well-kept and clean.
I love the Tonwandas' in general as they are so close to everything. It is just a quick twenty minute drive to anywhere. Plus it's right along the water they have beautiful parks and paths to walk.
Love the neighborly families, as the children grew up together. The location is central to everything.
There are varies neighborhoods within North Tonawanda, some are wealthy some are worn down. I think the City could use a clean up at the parks, and recreational areas. The streets and sidewalks need to be paved, or re-done, there is an increase in potholes, creating a hazard for people walking. The schools should consider decreasing the bus route diameter, as it is unsafe for some children to be walking home, either before of after school.
North Tonawanda is right in the middle of everything. It is easy to get to other areas around town and usually under 15 minutes. There is plenty of shopping and grocery stores in the area. Many parks with well kept playgrounds are also very easy to find. Everyone in the community is very nice and I always feel safe, even when I get home at 1am. The restaurant selection is very versatile and there are lots to chose from.
I’ve lived here most of my life. My husband and I have 3 amazing little boys that attend the public schools here and they are great.
North Tonawanda is such a close-nit city. Here in North Tonawanda every one is connected by a mutual friend or family member which always brings joy. This is a great city to live in and be a part of. The restaurants, stores, schools and parks are all part of what make this such a great city.
I grew up here surrounded by great people. It has become run down and a little unsafe. As a community we need to keep it cleaner.
North Tonawanda is a place where tradition and history run deep. It's a football town. I have lived in N.T. all of my life and love it here.
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This is a peaceful town. It's sort of a dead town since so many businesses have shut down in certain parts. It'd be nice if it could come alive again. Otherwise there are a decent amount of activities in the summer but the rest of the year seems boring without much to do. I do like how convenient it is to get to the supermarkets, restaurants and gym. Not to mention Niagara Falls practically a stones throw away. NT is a good place for a family starting up.
The city has been on the climb for the last 10 years. basically surrounded by two sides by waterways. The historic Erie canal and the Niagara river. the city should be developed more along the water front. to bring in more visitors from far away and more local residents to enjoy the beauty of this in there own back yard. The Tonwandas need to hold more activities around the canal and river for there local residents.
It's not a bad area. There are many bars near me but barely ever have any shootings! The police are close by and patrol frequently.
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