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There isn't a lot of crime in the suburban area or the crime isn't that bad. I can't speak for the city areas because I don't often go there.
The area is pretty spread out so you'd most likely need a car to get around places. It's mostly suburban so traffic isn't bad and the noise is usually quiet. Driving around locally is great since there aren't many crazy drivers, however, there isn't a lot of public transportation so if you do take it to a destination you most likely will have to walk a while to actually get to where you want to go.
I love the area I live in.
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I love where I live, I have lived here since birth and it is constantly becoming a better place to grow up.
We never here of crime in our area. We are never worried about the safety of children in this area.
This are is the best place I have eve lived. I have never seen so many kind people who are always lending a hand in whatever my family and I do. If I could choose to live here again I would choose to do so in a heartbeat. I would not think twice if I got to live here again. This are is one of the best areas in the country. The future of this area will be the same with kind people always being there and local businesses setting up small shops.
It's a generally safe area
If you like the suburbs...
Many families, safe area, great place to raise a family
Most of the area is pretty typical suburbia. Nothing beyond average
Everything is pretty okay, but transportation is an issue if you do not have a car.
It's a pretty average suburban area. Some crime, but it isn't dangerous
The weather is pretty mild around here. We experience all four seasons with a decent amount of precipitation.
The local businesses are unique and are all good-quality
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