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Excellent, clean, and safe environment. Great schools, public facilities and places to eat in the area.
The community is very well, out of all the different areas we chose this area because the schools are really good. It is also a safe community, even though it may be expensive that is just the are it is in. There is also lots around to do.
It’s a very welcoming community, everyone is super nice to eachother. There’s exceptional schools in this area such as Quince Orchard HS and Wootton Hs!
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I have lived here my whole life, with the exception of college, so I don’t really know anything different. The cost of living here is absurd but for me it is close enough that I can be in the city in 30-40 min but far enough that I don’t have to deal with the parking and traffic and noise that comes with the city.
I have lived in North Potomac for the past three years and love the community. The schools are excellent, parks and woodlands abundant and easily accessible. New businesses and entertainment is available throughout the area.
I love living in North Potomac! I have lived here my entire life. The neighborhood is really nice and the people are friendly. The schools in the area are well-known. Shops, restaurants, gas, and night-life activities are nearby. It is a 45 minute drive to DC and an hour away to Virginia.
Great People, Great Schools and Great Location. This place is the 'burbs and contains all of the stereotypes that come with nuclear families. However, everyone is very nice and the housing here is very well done. Great homes just a short drive outside of DC!
North Potomac is an awesome place to live, and has amazing schools available. This city is located about 30 minutes outside of dc, so it is not a difficult commute to work. There is so much that north potomac has to offer
I love living in North Potomac. My neighborhood/community is very diverse. My neighbor is safe and clean and my neighbors are very pleasant.
I grew up in North Potomac and thought it was a great place to do so. As a young adult (22) coming home to visit, there is not much night life, however, Washington, D.C. is so conveniently close that that provides night life and entertainment. The schools are some of the best in the country. Drawbacks are the cost of living/real estate, prevalence of chain restaurants rather than independent ones, and the constant building and construction that leaves little green space left.
North Potomac is a great place for the whole family! There are excellent parks and playgrounds. North Potomac is situated in an area surrounded by various entertainment facilities such as movie theaters and bowling alleys. There are many great restaurants only a short walk or drive away. North Potomac is also close to two metro stations on the Red Line - perfect for commuting to Washington, D.C.
There are very little problems with the North Potomac area. This is a place where it's better to judge the negatives since there is so few. The only few problems I could think of are the cost of running a business in this area is high and same thing for the cost of homes. Overall you do get what you're paying for though. Great public and private schools, very safe area, people of all different races surround you, and there is something for everyone whether you like shopping at Montgomery Mall or going to workout at one of the many different gyms in the area.
this is a nice neighborhood. there are plenty of street lighting and the polices is around. there is a fire station near my house.
I like this area because It is good location with the best school for my kid.
This area is very safe, and rarely has criminal activity.
The schools in this are are good, but very competitive. There are a variety of good restaurants and shopping centers nearby. The people are very friendly.
Great community; very family friendly and very safe.
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Incredibly safe community for kids, elderly and personal property.
Tons of parties get busted so the cops are out
This location provides a stable lifestyle, but the competitive nature is enough to make any middle class person leave.
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