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North Port has wonderful homes, great food and great shops! It is very family-friendly and very safe. It's always clean and beautiful!
Growing, incorporated, well taken care of....Big lots, green spaces, near beaches and amazing shopping and eats. Braves spring training and Rays Spring training only 5 minutes away in Port Charlotte... This town is unlike any other Florida areas we have visited. It feels like a real community and town. could you want?
North Port has become a very populated area with not much to do for the youth. Not many attractions but the town is pretty safe and the police department is very alert. There are more fast food restaurants than gyms. There's a decent amount of job opportunities for high school students.
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North Port is a pretty safe town with a lot of resources. There is not much to do, but it is pretty quiet overall and a little busy. Many of the shops and grocery places are close together and easy to navigate through. The city is constantly getting more and more modernized in a blink of an eye, which is very interesting and great to experience as I grow up in this town.
I just recently moved here from New Jersey and I'm enjoying the change of pace that I'm getting here. The people have been very friendly, and I found employment quite quickly. I've only been here 3 months though, but so far so good.
The town is small enough to know most residents, but big enough to meet new people. There are not many activities for any age group.
The city is very aesthetically pleasing to see when driving by. Relatively clean with a lot of nice and friendly people.
North Port is a slow growing town. Sounds bad but i actually enjoy how thorough they city members are about who they allow in this town. They try to maintain a clean and active appearance at all times. Providing activities year round for families to attend.
Perfectly located between Ft Myers and Sarasota. Great schools, churches and restaurants. Fantastic city services and management. Close to quiet beaches and easy access to salt and freshwater fishing. Beautiful Golf course. In the last 70 years I've owned in 14 homes in 10 cities in Florida.
North Port is the finest.
North Port is a great place to be if you work there or have family there. However, most nightlife and activities are about 45 minutes north. There are basic stores and restaurants but if you're looking for something more such as a bigger city with alot of things to do, this is not the place for you. There are also not a lot of job opportunities. Since it is a smaller town with not many places to go, jobs are limited unless you go into neighboring towns like Port Charlotte or Venice.
Florida is a decent town. It's grown tremendously since I've moved here and just keeps growing. It's eventually probably going to look more like Tampa instead of being the nice quaint residential area it once was. There isn't much to do for the kids here, unless you're willing to drive pretty far. Not the best place to raise a young family in my opinion.
As a younger person, there are plenty things to do in this town! If you enjoy fishing and walking, there are parks and canals. If exercise is an interest, there are many gyms to choose from and bike trails nearby. Also there are bike paths and sidewalks all over the city! Plenty of places to bring your dog if you like to bring him/her with you while you go out. Restaurants are all around so there is rarely a night where you'll go hungry if you don't feel like cooking.
This is an area where many of the residents are senior citizens this is good if you want to live in a slow pace community. There are many opportunity to build your own home because of the many empty lots in the area. There are places for youth such as a skate park, Boys and Girls club, youth sports and many area parks. This city is locate in South Sarasota County Florida. Just a couple of miles from the Gulf of Mexico.
I have lived in North Port Florida my entire life and although i have not had a bad experience i certainly have not had an enjoyable one. There is absolutely nothing to do for young teenagers and early 20's. I feel that needs to change because due to there being nothing kids are often getting themselves into trouble and i feel that could be avoidable.
The city of north port is a wonderful place to raise a family, retire, or even start a place of business. The city is perfectly located between Tampa and Naples. You can be in Sarasota in 45 minutes, Fort myers in 50 minutes, Naples and St. Petersburg in 1 hour and 15 minutes, and Tampa in 1 hour and 30 minutes. The city has drastically transformed over the past decade with all of the new stores and family owned shops. North port has seen a substantial surplus of new residents calling this city home. For instance, North ports population in 2000 was 22,000. Now in 2018 it’s more than 70,000 and now with the development of west villages the population is projected to be over 150,000 by 2038. Now politically, north port is very liberal and is very LGBTQ friendly. So to rap things up, north port is a very progressive, family oriented, excepting community and in my opinion the best place to live in all of southwest Florida.
North Port is a peaceful place to live and visit. I enjoy the quiet atmosphere. Neighbors are respectful. Many are approachable. There are new houses being built, existing homes for sale and lots for sale as well. This town is growing and there is much to choose from. The police presence is known without being overbearing. The response times are appropriate when needed. There isn't the fear of being profiled for appearing one way or the other. I feel safe here.
It's a growing city with much potential, quiet and family friendly. Great location in proximity to beaches and the city life, with many outdoor ameneties. I go fishing, kayaking, boating and snorkeling all within a 20 mile radius from North Port. Overall, small compact city with many business opportunities and great potential.
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Glad to have moved in 3 years ago! Getting better every day! Great neighbors and beautiful serene landscaped boulevards. Atlanta Braves, Lazy River water park, brand new planned downtown, North Port has all you will need! So happy to live here!
North Port used to be a very small, quiet city, but recent construction has made it more lively, besides the lack of activities for kids. It is very family friendly, but you'll find little to do besides going to parks and shopping. The addition of the Coco Plum Plaza gave residents more places to shop, which was helpful and it is usually very busy. All in all, North Port simply has its goods and bads, but it's not terrible.
I have lived in North Port since 2004, and it has been a great experience. I've watched the city grow and flourish as more and more individuals continue to move in and become apart of our wonderful community.
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