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A good town with a small town feel. It has some nice neighborhoods, and a decent disc golf course. It has a nice walking trail.
It's a great small town, but I don't feel like it's suited for a college. Like the late night lifestyle that most students get accustomed to while in college.
Like any other area you live in your concern for the safety of your family, overall things are pretty quiet in this small town occasionally something would come up, but it would bring us together to help prevent it from happening again.
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The atmosphere of north Newton is great, sure theirs not busy or big like other big cities. But we are a close community and the future for this area is bright and has a good one ahead of it. When I grow up I would love to live here or someplace similar in size.
The crime in this area is mostly home break-ins and vandalism. Police are visible most of the time, but in some areas they are not. No one has been hurt in these invasions, but the burglar(s) have not been caught.
This area is very quiet and safe. The people are average, but most are friendly. I would to choose to live here again because I have gotten a good education and it is a safe town to live in. This area compared to everywhere else in the country is safer, has less people, and has less things to do or go see. For the future in this area, I want more places to go to and places to see. I also want it to grow with more friendlier people and still maintain the same amount of safety it offers.
The cost of living in Kansas is low.
The local leaders meet monthly and I read the minutes.
Summers can be hot, but most of the year being outdoors is enjoyable.
We have all four seasons here.
Easier to find a place here for a cup of coffee than night life.
Jobs are available in many fields from health care to retail.
Everything is here from WalMart, grocery stores, and restaurants.
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