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Lived here all my life and I never appreciated this place until I moved away. Crazy enough I am coming back to my hometown, Just for the simple fact that I miss living in a place that people come to vacation. I love and miss living in my paradise hometown
I love NMB. It is quiet and family oriented. It is close to everything you need as far as restaurants,shopping, medical etc. almost all beach goers are abiding with animal laws and disposal of waste. I find it appalling someone would trash our beautiful beach but it happens occasionally. The noise ordinance is usually obeyed except for black bikers week . The ribbing of their motorcycles is loud and annoying and goes on all hours of the night . It becomes troublesome for the weaving in and out of traffic too.
North Myrtle Beach is a city, that although is less well known than Myrtle Beach, nonetheless has its own advantages. One of its advantages is that it is less known than other cities in South Carolina, and therefore, is generally not as busy as far as tourist traffic is concerned, making it possible for people to spend less time traveling and more time exploring what the city has to offer.
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Very beautiful beach, I would appreciate it if our community could come together more to dispose of litter.
I have lived here all of my life and I am in love with it ! I go to North Myrtle Beach high school and am now a senior and have had a wonderful experience. My favorite thing at the beach is our oceans and night life. We have so many things for families to go out and do together. There are also countless food choices that will never leave you bored of the same place. Our schools are very diverse and a great place for students to attend with many extracurricular activities to involve themselves in. Lastly the job opportunities are endless since this is a tourist town there are many places that are always looking to hire, especially in the summer time, but also in the off seasons as well so no worries.
Great place to retire, great place to raise a family. I was born and raised here, and know no other way. The beach can be hectic to live at sometimes, but all in all can be a very relaxing place to spend your life.
I currently live here, the schools aren't as great due to their disciplinary rules and teachers. Hard to find jobs during spring and winter. Not many shops around the northern area. People, in general, have a lot of criticism, especially in jobs and schools.Difficult to find a right neighborhood for a family due to bad environment,renting a home is also hard because there arent as many options.
I love the area of NMB, SC for its laid back atmospher. Even in the middle of tourist season, you will always find that my area doesn't give in to all the craziness of our neighboring city of Myrtle Beach SC. They are two completely different intities. The ocean is where I love to go and have my conversations with God. You can't get any closer than that while still living on this earth.
North Myrtle Beach is a thriving city. It is a tourist town that entertains both the tourists and the locals. Our beaches are always packed with friends and families who love to sit by the ocean. We have new stores and restaurants that everyone loves. The only negative of being a tourist town is the crazy traffic that occurs in the summer.
I like that this little tourist town is starting to become a family destination. Many people are relocating here and calling it home. It has alot to offer, year round entertainment, hundreds of restaurants and schools and universities that are starting to get national attention. Not to mention the beautiful beaches. I highly recommend North Myrtle Beach as a place to visit.
North Myrtle Beach is a wonderful place to live. It has many exciting opportunities for people with a wide variety of interests. Year-round events and festivals for various causes are a fun attraction for families with kids, as well as parks, beaches, etc.
Overall the Myrtle Beach area is a great tourist community. It is a great place to live, vacation, and raise children. The school systems in Horry County are by far the best and they produce the brightest students withing the state of South Carolina. The tourists also bring in much-needed incomes and an array of job opportunities. The coastal areas of Myrtle Beach are very well developed and beautiful with a stunning array of ocean front resorts and businesses. There are endless attractions, shopping, and restaurant establishments. While the opportunities on the coast are numerous, I would like to see the businesses expand inward and develop our entire county so our local population can expand and have diverse and even more opportunity to achieve their goals and desires.
I love living in North Myrtle Beach. I moved here from Raleigh, when I was about 7 years old. NMB has everything ranging from beaches to rivers to the inter-coastal waterway. There is so much to do, you possibly couldn't ever be bored. The only thing I hate about living here is all the tourism going on during the warmer months and over summer. There is nothing, but traffic on Highway 17, luckily I can get around without being subjected to the traffic.
I occasionally see police while I'm walking around. There are not as many officers as I thought there would be. However, the lighting could do some work, as it is sometimes difficult to see at night when I am walking or riding my bicycle.
The overall atmosphere is very quiet. The neighborhood itself is very large and full of elderly people. I would probably live here again if I could do it all over, but the largeness of the neighborhood may influence my opinion.
They are all beautiful houses with equally pretty interiors and designs/architecture.
I was raised in the neighborhood I live in now. Most of the people that live there are retirees and not particularly friendly ones either. It really is just a place of residence and I have little to no strong relationships within the large community that I live in and have for 12 years now.
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I have personally had more than enough good experiences and have seen good from others experiences with Public Safety in the past, responding to car wrecks I was involved in, and etc.. I don't really have any concerns for them as of right now as they are now.
I love where I am from. The atmosphere, the nature, the social life, everything. However, I want to get out of the same location that I have spent a near quarter of a century in. There have been too many days when I relied primely on the location of where I was, being near the beach, right next to the city yet in a neighborhood outside of it. I think I am the type of person that wants to predominately move around and experience new things in life, rather than sit through a monotonous routine. Though things aren't always routine regardless of having settled in a location for an elongated period of time, I have a peculiar disinterest in settling. Though I feel like I need to leave the Myrtle Beach area, it is still my hometown that I will always hold dearly and will speak highly of.
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