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I would like to see more people around levy, crystal hill areas get some kind of assistance to better their future and chances for growth and success.
I like that there are multiple business nearby for shopping, dining, and entertainment! I live and work on the same street, and it's within 0.5 mile of the mall, and many fast food and dine in eating establishments.
North Little Rock has been a big part on our lives. Parents and grandparents have lived in this area. North Little Rock is a big district to be able to say neighborhood. The neighborhoods that our family has grown with will always be home. We all have seen the area develop and change over time. Grandparents telling stories how far they walked to school before saving up for a car. The school that the grandparent graduated, the grandkids are doing the same. Our neighborhood is convenient to many things. We have a school and grocery store a block away. There is city bus stop around the corner. Within our neighborhood we have a membership that only our neighborhood can use, a lake. There is a swimming pool nearby and a fire station. I would recommend anyone to come check out the area and see how close and many things available when you need something.
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What I like about North Little Rock is it's proximity to the outdoor recreation Arkansas has to offer. Typically, most hiking trails are going to be within a few hours of drive time. What I would like to see change with North Little Rock is the availability of employment.
Love N. Little Rock. It has its bad parts like anywhere but is fullof amazing neighborhoods, parks, and a fun downtown. The schools are hit and miss but the one my son attends is outstanding.
The people are generally nice and welcoming. There are many activities to do. And alot of fun to be had. I would recommend Ar. to anyone. The school district is great too. You can tell the really care about the community and the children.
Great city. Beautiful scenery. Love walking along the lakeside and stopping by the Old Mill. Just cannot stand thieves. And they are a plenty.
It's an OK place to start out but don't plan on living here forever. The crime is kind of bad especially in the summertime. It has affordable prices on homes to rent and lots of job opportunities. North Little Rock is a place to move to if you fallen on hard times and you need start over then come on.
I have never had a problem with north Little Rock. The area that I live in is great, which is by burns park. The traffic isn’t bad at all.
my neighborhood is pretty hood like. It's scary when you have to ask every New Year's and July 4th if you're hearing fireworks or gun .shots
It ok just nothing much to do if you don't have money. Everything shuts down at 12:00 and as far as great life changing opportunity there are little to none . Compared to other states this state is behind on everything that is going on in the world. Finding a job this pays more then 9.25 good luck.
Nice smaller big city. Halfway decent public transit. The buses are expansive, but only run every 30 minutes.
North Little Rock is a great place. Diverse people. Good communities. One thing would be to fix some issues within the local public schools, fix some road issues such as potholes, and further enforce city laws to protect citizens.
The neighborhood in North Little Rock, at which I live is very peaceful. It has a lot of open space and homes and businesses are still being built. Pretty much the only bad thing I have to say is that it smells really bad outside sometimes because there is a mill nearby.
I recommend moving here if your liberal if your from new York, California or Texas it will be the best decision you'll ever make
North Little Rock is a great area to raise a family. There are many good schools, daycare centers, and shopping centers in my area that makes living here both contentious and convenient. The mortgage on my home is at a very low interest rate and my neighborhood is clean and it's residents are caring. I'd recommend North Little Rock to anyone looking for a new area to move.
I like how North Little Rock has plenty of amenities at your disposal. Certain parts of NLR are safer than other parts. There are many public schools and churches. There is a dollar general or gas station within five minutes of your house. My current neighborhood can be a bit noisy.
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I like how north Little Rock May seem intimidating at first, but once you adapt to it, it’s not bad at all. Excellent school system, many job opportunities, etc.
Great place to live and thrive! Wonderful and different foods to try, this city has came a long way.. And it will continue to make its mark!
Grew up in the city. Working here for years. Decided to go back to school to further my education in small engine repair.
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