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Not the exciting club life like the strip but very quiet compared to there and a nice place to live with good schools and good neighborhoods.
I love where I live. I have a beautiful home that I can afford. I bought my home in 2009 when the market crashed so I got a great deal on it. Both my daughter and son went to schools in this area. The schools are ok, but not the best. The area is really building up nicely. Over the last few years they have built so many prime food restaurants. They have huge parks in this area where concerts are being held. I feel safe in this area. No major noise from neighbors. I grew up in another part of North Las Vegas when I was going to school.
North Las Vegas is a very honeyed and comforting place to live. They put a lot of effort into maintaining this area of Las Vegas, as the entirety of the city is different from North Las Vegas in many different ways. It is a sweet suburb, full of promised safety and friendly faces you are bound to frequent when you shop in your local businesses or frequent your local parks with your family. Here, you exist right at the foot of the mountain's edge, finding yourself reaching places nearest to the inner city until suburban becomes urban. Yet, North Las Vegas still finds a way to challenge that border, and really define the differences between Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas.
The one thing I would change about my community here in North Las Vegas is the racially charged educational issues that may exist (not exclusively) in this area. The schools furthest away from the city have a prominent problem often with integrating black students, foreign students, and students of color.
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North Las Vegas is a friendly area. Although , it might not be the prettiest but it is a convenient area to live in.
If you are retired and relocating from the Bay Area in Calfornia, and want a brand new home for under $300,000, North Las Vegas is your place. That's
compared to a million dollar plus home in the Bay Area. Relatively close to the Strip and not far from many restaurants there, you can have a great retirement life and no income tax unlike California. Keep more of your retirement money.
The schools are not great at all but who cares when you are retired. It's not like your going to go back to any school there. Summers are hotter than blazes and winters can get cold. Crime? North Las Vegas still not as bad as Oakand, Ca. but it exists

So, what do you do as a transplant from the Bay Area? Dine at the finest restaurants on the Strip. Hell's Kitchen here we come. Eat decent dim sum in Chinatown. Check out the Las Vegas Raiders or Knights for pro sports. Then, there's all that gambling that's left if that's what floats your boat. All in all, not a bad place to relocate.
I love the affordability and the proximity of everything I need been close to where I live. Everything I need is within reach. So far my place of residence is safe and well protected.
Good place to live, businesses are conveniently located, nice parks and schools near by. Good place to raise a family. Perfect distance from the strip because it’s not to close and not to far of a drive!
North Las Vegas has been home for me my entire life. The community present allowed me to be introduced to many races, religions, customs, and beliefs of many others. It is rich with culture and many stories to come along to. It’s a place to build up ones own trust in themselves and others. Although Las Vegas is associated with many negative aspects and perspectives, it is the opportunities and the people met along the way is what makes this place shine on its own.
Overall, North Las Vegas is pretty rough around the edges. There is a lot of domestic disputes amongst the low income housing sections, especially towards the Air Force Base. Streets are moderately filthy, trash is strewn about or in the roads more often than not. I would not feel safe walking with my children down the road to the nearest gas station. This last year there have been at least 4 police blockades within 1 mile of my neighborhood because of an armed individual with/without hostages.
Its a great neighborhood, although it is a high crime area people are really friendly, loving, and caring. it would be great if we had more programs to help teenagers and kids out of trouble and some more security.
Diversity is at a high which is great. There are some safer areas and some poor that are only separated by a light post or two.
Living in Las Vegas has been a great opportunity for me and my family to get stuff done and even have some fun by going to places to visit for special occasions. Its a very comfortable place and has plenty of great tourist attractions you can go to to have great times. The education here is good the teachers I know have cared for the student very much
I lived in North Las Vegas for the last 17 years. I was one of the first ones out here in the North when everything passed the Craig was nothing but dirt. I've watched the city grow, and unfortunately not in a good way. The crime is absolutely rampant. We have vandalism, burglaries, mail theft, assaults, and gunshots being heard constantly. My own home has been robbed, and I had someone at my front door with a knife. Police do not come because they're overwhelmed! I'm a teacher in one of the neighboring schools and have been a teacher for 15 years. This will be my last year in Las Vegas due to the failing schools, absence of morals, and lack of parent involvement. The student to teacher ratios average between 35 and 40 students to one teacher per classroom. I do not recommend this city to anyone. People who have rated it four and five stars must be acclimated to this environment which is very sad. It may appear nice if you have not known anything to compare it to. Don't move here.
Everyone is super nice in these areas. Great mini markets/convenient stores. Less expensive on this side of Las Vegas. In general just a really great area.
North Las Vegas is an amazing place to grow up. Growing up in a town where there is tons of things to do since you are only about 30 minutes from the Strip, but you don't have to live near the hussle and bussle that comes with the Strip.
I like North Las Vegas, NV. I have been here now for about 14 years and for the most part North Las Vegas traffic is way better than I thought it would be. Its growing really fast and house are going up everywhere so I am thinking that crime and traffic is going to get a lot worse in the future.
Very peaceful and quiet compared to the fast life of the Strip. A lot of parks and trails to visit. Everything is close by in terms of stores, banks, and post offices. Easy freeway access and friendly people.
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I love living in North Las Vegas because it's a lot cleaner than Las Vegas. My neighborhood feels safe and we have friendly neighbors. We do have a lot of open land where they are building new houses.
My husband and I purchased our home in North Las Vegas in 2007. We decided to move to this part of town to be closer to our parents. We live a very quiet cul -de- sac that has only 6 homes on it. We love living here because everyone in the community are working families.
The heat has a lot to do with not being able to get out and do more things. Its difficult when play grounds do not have a lot of shade/trees and being so hot you can't do as much.
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