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Reaction time of police and fire stations vary. I would say that overall, police stations are very poor at responding quickly, and fire departments are average or slightly below average.
The weather varies a lot from season to season. In the winter, Boonville gets very cold, below freezing frequently, and gets quite a bit of freezing/ snow issues during winter storms. Spring is moderately warm and pretty rainy. Summer is extremely HOT and sometimes dry, and fall is cool. It is most essential that people in this area have a wardrobe for extreme cold, extreme heat, and everything in between.
With very few companies, job availability is slim. UNIFI is one local business that is a high-employer, but they are the one of the few. For young people, job options are basically limited to fast food restaurants, a couple of server/hostess positions at restaurants, and grocery stores.
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There are probably 1 or 2 nice bars within a 15 minute radius. There is not much at all to do at night! The only food options late at night are basically McDonald's, Burger King, and Taco Bell. There is little variety of quality restaurants. The best-quality restaurants (which still are not high quality) are in Elkin, about 15 minutes away. Dodge City and Thai Cafe are examples.
There are not very many businesses in the area. The ones that are near are about 10-15 minutes from my house and there is still not much variety. I have to drive to Winston-Salem (roughly a 40 minute drive) to reach many services and products that I need. Many people try to start up their own businesses and fail because of the lack of demand or lack of support from the community.
As I stated earlier, this is farming and manufacturing territory, and most manufacturing facilities have closed down. The biggest job opportunity here is restaurants and fast foods jobs.
This is a small country community. This was a thriving place, but like most small towns, big stores move away, manufactures close down and move across seas or to a larger town. We do not have a mall; there is a Walmart and Belk stores as far as big. There are several consignment stores and stores that supply farming equipment. There are two jewelry stores and one shoe store. There are several eating places but not the big fancy ones; there is only Chinese buffets, no country or soul food buffets.
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