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the school system for children are amazing. I've lived here for over 15 years. I recommend the town of north kingstown to family's that are looking for a quite and nice place to live. I
NK is a safe place to live, with beautiful scenery along Narragansett Bay and an excellent public school system.
It's a nice calm place with a good variation of people in it. NK is in a very good spot in our little state of Rhode Island, it's not to far from the city, and it's very close to the water. It is a beautiful place to be with lots of relaxing parks, big commercial job opportunities, and pretty beaches. Our town is also a great place to live, with many children around to grow up with and become acquainted with. I mostly love North Kingstown because of the vast variety of things there are to do around and within the town. We also have a great high school that offers us many custom-tailored paths to take throughout our four years there.
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North Kingstown is very small regarding businesses & activities. However, there are many places to go for family fun & a night out.
North Kingstown is by far one of the best communities in the state of Rhode Island. It has excellent schools that outperform neighboring districts year after year. This town is conveniently located in almost the center of Rhode Island, thus almost every other point of the state from North Kingstown is 45 minutes or less. Providence is a solid 35 minutes without traffic and the beaches in Narragansett are 10 minutes away.
I have lived in North Kingstown my whole life and I must say it is pretty average. It is a very safe town to live in but there is literally no diversity. It is generally a wealthy area.
Commute times are very good; 20 minutes to Providence, 15 to the airport, 20 from the beach. I would like to see more diversity. I would also like to see the roads redone; many roads are in poor condition.
North Kingstown is a good mixture of country and city life. Access to public transportation but also has coastline.
More RIPTA services and a longer schedule. They should have a full weekend services not cutoff at 5pm. Strongly this is the only way I get around.
It is a quaint town with a lot to offer. It has a great school system, a historic main street, coffee shops, parks, and beaches.
Lived here 12 years. Very clean, quiet, no crime and easy access to rt 4 to head to Warwick/Providence or to Narragansett/Jamestown/Newport. People mind their own business and the town has easy access to everyday needs like supermarkets, drug stores, walmart, home depot among other stores. The town has a nice little beach plus an old school downtown area in Wickford with a few shops and restaurants near the water. The school system is very good and property taxes are among the lowest in the state. All in all, it's a great place to live and raise a family if you like peace and quiet, clean neighborhoods, low taxes and a very good public school system.
Close to the beaches . Beautiful town. Close to Providence with plenty of history and great colleges. Also the town is a quiet rural place with easy assess to interstate 95 and Route 1. The school system is very good and offers many different learning options. If the public isn't something that you want it also very close to charters schools and Christian school and Catholic schools.
Lived here my whole life. It's safe, cleans and easy to get to either the city or beach! There's not much in the way of nightlife, but there's a few good restaurants.
North Kingstown is a great town that has many beaches, trails and parks. It is centrally located to surrounding towns and has easy access to highways. North Kingstown has many eateries, athletic facilities and offers a lot to families. The schools are not bad either.
North Kingstown is a safe, expansive and family friendly place to live. The cost of living is rather high but the quality of life is lovely. It offers an abundance of restaurants, local businesses, gyms, beaches, and more.
I liked the school system, I feel it prepared me well for college and I felt very safe throughout my neighborhood and the area around me.
I like the whole family dynamics of North Kngstown not to mention the divetsity. Communities are always Volunteering and helping for many causes the town might need. The schools are pretty close to being the best in Rhode Island.
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North Kingstown is a great place to live. It is not too small, so not everyone knows everything about you, but not too big, so you can get to a neighboring town fairly quickly. It is a beautiful town and has a cute historic village where you can go shopping and get lunch. It is right on the water, which is always a bonus. There are many nice neighborhoods and good schools. Overall, NK is a great place to live.
The schools desperately need more funding and there is little or nothing to do. There are no restaurants or even a decent fast food joint. There is hardly anywhere to get a job and most people go there so they can go somewhere else.
I live in North Kingston in a subsidize government apartment with my 3 year old daughter .
It allows me to attend school and care for her.
There are a lot of these apartments available for families like myself.
There is a school system available in this area that is of high educational standard.
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