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North Brunswick Township Reviews

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It is a great area, close to New Brunswick which gives the city feel one might desire. But, also secluded and suburban, when one wants a calmer and more laid-back feeling.
It has always been relatively relaxed. Property taxes are through the roof but the streets are clean and safe.
The town is very safe I’ve lived here for a really long time. The apartments are really nice. I like how it is really diverse here
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North Brunswick overall is a good place to live in. Great variety of places to eat at. A very diverse place, you will encounter different people. Conservatives, to liberals, North Brunswick won't disappoint. You can always find something to do. A car is a necessity, the only form of transportation to get place to place. North Brunswick is relatively safe, depends in what part you live in.
North Brunswick is a very diverse suburb located 5 minutes from the city of New Brunswick. The education system is great with an amazing high school. The community is welcoming to open arms to everyone. There are many great places to eat here and if not you are not too far from any other major towns. We have great rec sports programs as followed with great travel teams for all different sports. With the brand new Chic Fil A coming, we would love new company in North Brunswick.
Excellent town in a very central location. Great schools, public parks, and township involvement in community affairs.
Although not everyone would agree, I believe that North Brunswick Township is a very good town to live in. There are lots of food and clothing stores all round North Brunswick to get anything you need. The schools here are excellent for gaining knowledge for the future and the people here are really nice and friendly.
North Brunswick is a great suburb for families and a decent place for commute and perfectly located between the big cities (philly and nyc).
It is a decent town in Central Jersey with good access to New York City. Nearby towns are easily accessible with nice housing around. It is a average town in a great location. There is small neighborhoods here if that is your thing with bikeable store access. It is just a average town with average people. Nothing really special about it. WIth also nice food location available within minutes of driving with Five Guys and Chipotle for example. It is certainly not for those who wants to have big neighborhoods, as plenty are small and are just driveways. It's just a small nice town.
I like living in North Brunswick. It has areas that are close to urban city-like areas such as New Brunswick, but there are also nice, somewhat isolated, homes and areas in NorthBrunswick. The high school here is also pretty good, and plenty of charter schools are also zoned to North Brunswick. Also, depending how close you are to the North Brunswick Route 1 South, the Jersey Ave. train station is very close by.
the suburb field of north brunswick is good. People tend to be friendly however drivers are a challenge.
Typical suburb - fair amount to do if you have a car to get around. In terms of food, there is mostly small delis/family-run bagel shops. There is not much to do with respect to night life. Most college-aged kids go out to the surrounding towns to visit bars, comedy clubs, etc. Otherwise, the town is relative family-friendly.
It was an amazing place as this was the home of my childhood years. Here, I was able to live in a nice suburb in a very diverse community. It was great knowing how unique North Brunswick is and how it is bustling with many different cultures.
The town is very nice and peaceful. Lately, it has become a town where lots of shops are opening so new job opportunities are growing. I like to live in this town because is close to everything, the main train station to go to NYC is close so you have the opportunity to explore different places.
The house rates need to go higher as well as the school rating needs to improve as the school district is becoming less diversified
North Brunswick, for me, is a great place to live because of my proximity to Rutgers University and the availability of transportation to New York City, as well as the safety, diversity, and and opportunity that this community offers.
I live in a nice quiet neighborhood right near RT. 1. It's an affordable place to live and commute to and from work.
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Everyone knows each other and the location is very convenient because stores are always close by. There will also be a train station in the township soon.
I have lived in North Brunswick for over a decade and it is a nice town to live in. The people are kind and there is no prejudice to be found. North Brunswick is home to a community of people wanting to help and be friendly.
It is a nice town with something always changing. The people are nice except for when you go to Costco. Otherwise it's a nice place to grow up and plenty of places to eat and shop.
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