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I enjoy how quiet North Branford is, but would like to see an increase in diversity. North Branford is extremely family friendly, but I was sad to see the nearby community college relocate.
Where to begin? As individuals I guess the people are ok, though incredibly small minded. There is absolutely nothing to do here (unless you love annual tractor pulls). I am trying hard to find at least one thing positive to say, but all I can think of is - wish I had never moved here.
I like small town, the community is like family. It would be nice if there was more diversity in people and if there was more funding for the school without raising taxes.
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It's a great place to raise a family, lots of family friendly neighborhoods. The school systems are wonderful.
It's a small community which I like. There is a lot of drug use in our town which I believe is a rising problem
I love living in North Branford, CT. I have lived hear my entire life. (I was even born in my basement here in North Branford!) Although, on the surface, it may not seem like there is much to do in this town, my friends and I always manage to have fun here. In the summer there is a huge field of sunflowers that people from all over CT come to view and take pictures by. Also, in the summer there is the annual Potato and Corn Festival (POCO Fest) which takes place in August. This festival has food trucks and vendors, rides, and carnival games. Furthermore, there are great ice cream places, including one called "Rose Orchards" which serves locally made custard. Rose Orchards is located on a farm where customers can buy their custard and feed the animals. absolutely love how dog friendly North Branford is. My entire neighborhood block seems to have dogs. I also find the people here to be friendly. Overall, I love North Branford and would love to live here forever.
This is a quiet little town that is always buzzing with activity. Every night you can drive by a field and see some sort of sporting event going on. Locals are very nice and friendly in North Branford and they are always turning up to support the youth. People in this town often grow up here and leave. However, a majority come back to the town when it is time to start families of their own due to the homey feel of the town.
Love the small town where people know you by name. This makes it a great place
To raise kids. Not many stores or places open after 8pm but
Close enough to other towns that offer plenty to do.
North Branford is one of my favorite towns. I went to High School in this town and although the town is small, everyone always stands by one anothers side during tragedy or what not. It's a small farm town and I love to call it home.
North Branford is a very quaint, small town in a great location. There is easy access to the highway and it's only 15 minutes from the beach. There are great parks, schools, shopping centers and an awesome orchard with fresh pies and cider! I love North's a wonderful place to raise a child.
The crime and safety need work. Some people houses are extremely easy to break into.
Since we are a small town, everyone knows each other and we always have a way to bring the town together which would be festivals and 5K runs which is an exciting time. I defiantly would live here again but i do wish things were different such as beaches, center of town and maybe a nicer school.
Feel very safe low crime
The town is nice but a central common area would be nice
I've had a lot of fun living in this nice town.
This area is a particularly rural area. I have grown up here all my life and it is the type of place where everyone knows each other. It is a particularly close community and is home to a lot of farmland. Overall, the general atmosphere is welcoming, however there isn't much to do in the town itself.
There are multiple ways to get transported somewhere, whether it's a bus, bike, a car, or truck. The area in which I live in is rather small so the parking and walkability is not a problem.
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The people in my area are very friendly, open, and easy to get along with. If one were to have a problem with another, it is easy to settle an agreement.
I enjoy all aspects of the area that I live in. I feel comfortable, and safe.
The people who live in my neighborhood are very friendly and help each other when needed.
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