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I like the small town atmosphere and the amount of amenities nearby. I would like to see more being down about roads and the public school transportation and system in general.
North Branch seems to be the town where you stop for gas so you can go somewhere better. It's a good town, don't get me wrong but it feels like you won't get anywhere there.
I have lived in North Branch since 2001. This town has always had its issues from a poor school district, which continues to get worse every year, to not allowing "big" business in to cater to the needs of the residence of this town. Poor city planning and lack of funding and/or education make this town actually very poor and tough to live in. North Branch is over-populated by banks, gas stations, and empty housing developments. The goods of this town are few; some people are great, many just like the gossip and drama. Two awesome pizza places and one decent restaurant. Roads are in terrible condition, buildings are falling apart and decaying, and the entire community is trapped by North Branch Water and Light-the most corrupt, unreasonable, and horrendously overpriced businesses in North Branch.
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North Branch is your average normal small town. I like North Branch but the taxes are a bit expensive. There are not many things to do to keep busy, and many of the places to eat are not very great. The school district especially the elementary is not academically where I think it should be. Although the people are quite personable.
Its a great town with exceltent people. Very small but easily accessible to the freeway. Not a lot to do there, wish there were more fun things besides bowling.
There are many people who have lived in North Branch all of their lives. These people seem to be more concerned about the community. Other people have moved to North Branch to escape life in the cities, yet it seems that urban sprawl has begun to reach North Branch in recent years. I have lived in the North Branch community for 18 years, and I know that many other families decided to have North Branch be the school district that their child attended all throughout their schooling years. There is a dog park, so the community is friendly towards pets. With many local restaurants, the community is also friendly towards families who choose not to make dinner at home for the night. There are many community classes to become enrolled in, which can help to bring the community together.
North Branch is a rather safe area. There is little fear of violent crime, yet the police seem to have a fast response time. I feel that I can walk around alone without fearing for my safety. The only crimes that are publicized in the area, are those that involve teenagers behaving recklessly.
Their are a lot of housing options. Either cookie cutter houses in town or more original houses on the outside of town. Their are a bunch of neighborhoods, and no matter where you go their is a good chance you will have neighbors.
I feel we have a fair amount of community events in central park. I think the people living in this area are happy and they continue to live here. We love animals and many people have dogs. I believe we are a decent community. Nothing too amazing, but we care about our neighbors and town.
I have never had an issue with safety and I haven't heard of any issues that have occurred. I see the cops around town quite often and I feel they are doing a good job.
Personally, I love North Branch. I think the people here are very friendly and caring. We are a big enough town that not everyone has their nose in your business, but small enough that you still feel a sense of community. Being in high school I appreciate that we have so many restaurants, a mall, a bowling alley, a coffee shop, and a movie theater. There is always something to do close to home. We are also near enough to the cities that if you're seeking larger entertainment it's only a 45 minute drive away. I would live in North Branch in the future if I didn't love the cities so much. I believe this medium town is just getting better and better every year and it will grow into a larger city some day.
I loved this place because we lived on 5 acres of land outside of town, I was engaged in nature most of my bringing up and am now very interested in helping to save it! It is a very beautiful place!
As time goes on, more and more changes are happening to the town. Not all of these changes are for the better. There are vacant storefronts with little to no hopes of being filled by businesses. The empty windows and buildings are a sign of misplaced hope in how to create a better city to live in. There was recently an article, be it biased against the area or not, that indicated that North Branch and two neighboring towns were the worst to live in in the entire state. The data and opinions used to create this message may not indicate proper, accurate results, but there is little to do in the area. The bowling alley seems it will be closing down soon due to lack of business. The outlet mall is nearly half vacant, or was the last time I was in town. I enjoyed the feeling of being in North Branch at one point, but I feel that the area fell apart as it tried to make economic progress and failed. The growth of the town is what I don't approve of; small businesses closed down, being replaced by big brand name stores and restaurants. Our town, just a short amount of time ago, allowed its small town feeling to fade away only to be replaced by the haunting site of unoccupied buildings, signs with flashing lights, and a dwindling sense of community and unity among its peoples.
It's a small town with heavy traffic flow due to multiple highways going through it. The people are nice over all and the pave of life is a brisk walk compared to other towns. It's in a food location less then a hour from the city and multiple sources of entertainment. Overall it's a good town and I see why lots of people stay here.
It's definitely a small town. We have a lot of fast food places to eat at, and a few local restaurants, but there's not really any variety. We don't even have a Walmart or Target. Our grocery store is called County Market and it's so expensive it's actually better to take the 20 minute drive to a Walmart or Cub. You can easily get everything you need in this area, but it's really difficult to find everything you want. There are no night clubs anywhere. We have one bar, not including the two sit down restaurants that have bars in them. We have an outlet mall, but the stores are targeted at either babies or older people.
There are no big job opportunities. It's most retail, fast food, and a few restaurant jobs. It's definitely a job market for younger high school and college aged kids, but most adults have to travel 40+ miles to get to any career-path jobs.
Our fire department is volunteer based and they do a great job. The north branch police are being replaced by the county which I think is personally a better thing
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People are very friendly. There is a lot of history in my town but things keep changing a lot.
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