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Its very beautiful and the people are so nice. Clean lawns' and friendly environment to be at.
The quality of the housing here is very high. Most of our area is suburbs, with only a few vacant properties here and there. The cost of housing is not too high, but the property taxes are above average. The village of Hamburg is a beautiful place to reside because of its proximity to the "heart" of the village.
Police/State Trooper and Fire Departments are always accessible and their reaction times are great.
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Incidents of major crime are extremely rare in this area. Hamburg mostly consists of safe, well-lit suburbs.
We experience all four seasons here. Spring, summer and fall are pretty average, but the winters are definitely worth noting. To those who have never experienced a winter here in Western New York, the sheer amount of snowfall and low/negative temperatures can be quite shocking. Last winter we reached a record high of over 7 feet of snow. That being said, the winters can take some getting used to. However, there is no shortage of activities during the cold months. Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, sledding, ice fishing, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing are some of our favorite winter pass times. After a year or two, residents generally adjust to the harshness of the weather.
The family owned restaurants in this area are excellent! From small burger stands to elegant fine dining, there is always somewhere new to try. There is also a diversity of different ethnic options to try. I have not personally been to any of the nightclubs or bars in the city, but i have heard that they are great.
My only first hand experience with employment in this area has been with a minimum wage job, but it was not difficult to find in the first place. There are always minimum wage jobs available in the village of Hamburg and the surrounding areas.
Small businesses in the village of Hamburg are great! The owners of the shops are extremely friendly and will not hesitate to take time out of their days to help you find what you need or custom order something for you. I have never had a problem finding anything in this area.
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