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North Bethlehem Township Reviews

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I love living in North Bethlehem, our streets are always cleaned, garabage men are talkative and nice. Never any crimes, people are just really nice and the town is lovely
After a year and a half of living here, I can say with confidence this is my favorite area I've ever lived in. I live in one of the neighborhoods but the community college. Low crime, lots of diversity & culture, tons of family-oriented activities, a township that is well-organized and had great perks, and great restaurants to boot: these are just a few of the reasons. After living in another state for years, I can say these taxes are NOTHING in comparison. I'm confused by the other reviewers; perhaps you need to get out and learn what your community has to offer? Overall, I'd highly recommend living in Bethlehem Township.
Pay taxes and get nothing in return. Township supervisors wear I viability cloaks! Bad dangerous roads and township supervisors who can not be reached. In the winter you better have time for the snow to melt.
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There isn't a lot to do and the weather makes travel very difficult in the winter.
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