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The Bethesda area is a diverse area surrounded by many outdoor parks, trails, malls, and businesses. The affordability of the area is low.
So far North Bethesda has been good to me. It's similar to my hometown in terms of diversity. I also appreciate how many places there are to shop and go out to eat. Even though I have a car the town is extremely accessible with the bus and metro nearby. More importantly I feel safe living here, I rarely hear about crime or see a heavy police presence.
The neighborhood has great and easy access to stores, good trails for a walk or run, safe and quiet around homes and condos, excellent restaurants around the area. Homes are a little pricey but in my opinion, it is worth it because of accessibility and safety
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The ability to utilized transportation is really amazing. However, it gets rather noisy at times due there being so many shops and things to do near living areas. Overpopulation is becoming a trend as many people are moving to certain areas so the public schools are very big and a bit crowded.
There are still some comparatively affordable single-family homes on fenced lots, on streets with sidewalks (great for kids and pets). Close to parks, Metro, Strathmore Music Center, health clubs, and an increasingly vibrant "faux urban" atmosphere as exemplified by Pike & Rose. The whole White Flint/North Bethesda planning area is undergoing a major remake as a more walkable, bikeable, urbanized suburban hub, so there's a lot more changes to come.
North Bethesda is a great family place, with great schools and safe neighborhoods. There is a lot of diversity and the people are very friendly. There are a lot of things to do and great places to shop and eat.
I have b÷n living here for a year and I absolutely love living here! The neighbors are so friendly, and the communitiss well kept! There are plenty of shopping centers offering variety of stores, from retail to grocery to huge department stores such as Target and TJ Maxx. There are plenty of dollar stores in the area. It is safe and provides me comfort to know that I may walk to the store at night without any disruptions. It is an expensive area as far as housing, but I lucked up and found a place for a reasonable price. Great area!
It is quiet enough to not feel engulfed by DC, but close enough to have easy access into the city. The area contains everything you need for day to day life, all within a short drive, some even walkable. There is some nightlife, but nothing too crazy, and public transit in the area is decent.
great location. Close to many area restaurants and shops. New Safeway on Rockville Pike is clean and open 24 hours. Easy,no hassle parking. Congressional plaza is great for all your shopping needs.
There haven't been any crimes that I've been made aware of since my time there but I wouldn't rule it out.
I love the area aside from a few questionable people. Everyone is polite and minds their own business most of the time.
There was a care that was broken into in my garage, which raised some concern.
I love the area. It is super close to the metro so I can get anywhere I want easily.
The area is great. its clean. and very diverse
Occasional traffic accidents, and debris may not be cleared from sidewalks for a long time, but in general a very safe area with quick response from emergency teams.
There's barely anything outside of our neighborhood. Yes, there are some plazas in both directions, but one of them was only active because there was a Safeway (which now relocated), and in the other direction, there was a mall which is now shut down. It's a very quiet area with quiet people, but sometimes when I walk outside at night, I get a bit scared because there aren't enough lights in this entire area as there should be.

Regardless, In the two years that I have lived here, nothing out of the ordinary has happened that would make me question my safety. I would have to say that the crime rate is low, but I don't know if that's because everyone's just morally righteous or there have been steps taken to make sure that no crime occurs.
Ever since I moved here, I took notice of how everyone just tends to keep to themselves. When the snow storm occurred and there was no other choice but for everyone to come out of their apartments, I finally felt a sense of community. There were generous people who were offering to help others shovel their car(s) out of the snow, a nice lady was walking up and down the neighborhood handing out snacks and energy bars and water bottles, and everyone was joking about how awful the snow hit us. There was a humorous atmosphere, the sun was shining, and regardless of the cold, everyone was in a good mood. After that day, things went back to how they were.

I'm not saying it's a bad neighborhood, things could definitely be a lot worse, but sometimes it'd be nice to see people using the grills and picnic tables set outside, or kids running outside in the playground. For all I know, I was the last person to go down the tiny green slides, but maybe things will change when the weather changes and it gets warmer out.
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I think there is little crime that i know of.
The area is very nice, the people are great and overall i love it.
This area has many things to do outside of the house and a lot of sight seeing. I love it here! the education is great and the people are pretty sane. When I am out of college I plan to live in Maryland for a few years because of all the wonderful things to do here.
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