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There is a lot of racial tension with the small diversity that we have. A lot of ignorance and prejudice as well as people not being friendly.
Minor crimes occur, is there anywhere they don't?
Small town living, but close enough to cities and event venues to make everything convenient. A relaxing sleepy town, I'm not a big "Night Life" type, so I find the quiet afternoon BBQ atmosphere perfect. On the occasion I really want to get out and party, I can get out to clubs or events without having to travel too far from home.
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There is very little crime in this area and I almost always feel completely safe.
The area I live in is great. It is a small, close, and safe community. There is access to the beaches and mountains and rural life, yet it is close to multiple big cities as well. I could not picture living or raising a family anywhere else. The only complaint I have is sometimes I wish there were more to do for recreation in the community like local events and clubs.
Have to drive out of town
The drive to the restaurants is long and out of town
Mostly single family homes in a very rural setting
There is not a lot of crime. Occasional break ins, but those are rare. Some recreational drug use.
There are a lot of job opportunities, especially at the Pratt & Whitney airplane factory and nearby at the shipyard, but few high paying jobs.
There just isn't a lot to do. There are some small business and chain stores, but no real destinations to go hang out at.
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