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I would say North Bergen is pretty average, but not average in a good way. Average in the way as almost every place is in now in 2018. The commute sucks, its over populated. There is constant traffic everywhere, not just in my town but the entire county. Affordability and real estate market here to me is one priced for where we live. Especially because there aren't even that many job opportunities within this area to begin with. Overall its not the worse place to live, but definitely not the best. Average.
North Bergen is a town that offers a multitude of activities to do as well as to eat. North Bergen contains various public schools throughout and is filled with diverse people with different cultures and backgrounds. In addition, big cities such as New York City and Philadelphia are in close proximity with NYC being 15 minutes away and Philadelphia being a train ride away. The market value of houses in North Bergen and nearby cities are fairly high due to NYC being so close by.
Use to live in north bergen in nj. Houses were nice and had overall good times :)! im gonna miss nj. Live in nc now
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Very quiet town to live in! Houses are affortable and is very close to New York City. The commute is very good, buses everywhere and trains are available.
I personally like North Bergen because of the city life and I am not a fan of the suburbs, the people are okay, but the only reason why I like north bergen is because it is lively.
It's an exceptional area, really little to no crime. Really close to New York City, about 15 - 20 minutes from the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel.
North bergen is a great town. I have lived here all my life and I truly enjoy it. There are so many things to do for example, you can walk through bergenline, blvd east, and even the park on 80th street. This is a great place to live.
I have received parking tickets due to worn out and illegible street signs. They need to be replaced.
North Bergen is the best place to see the New York Sky Line. North Bergen is a suburb not too far from the big city. It's a safe and diverse environment. I have always lived here. Schools are great. People are friendly. Our town is safe and clean.
Its an okay place to live here. It is very diverse; so nobody feels like an outsider. Everyone is respected and accepted. Living here is pretty affordable.
Nice, friendly town. Well maintained roads and essential services. Fine public library. Good environment with a nice park. Could use more jobs.
There’s a lot of stores here everyone is nice to each other, I just wish it would look more presentable. Fix up old houses and shops.
I recently moved to Newark, for the inability to find and apartament pet friendly for my 5 years old Bullterrier. I can say I miss my town, 4 years over there weren't enough to say goodbye. Here in Newark I struggle finding the variety that I was used to when I was at bergenline avenue.
Schools and recreational activities for children. The mayor of the town is very involved with providing a safe and active community. He visits graduations of the children in area, as well as, functions.
I am a current resident of North Bergen, this neighborhood is very safe and family friendly. North Bergen offers great community-based programs for both adults and children at resourceful locations such as the library. I have lived here for over 3 years and have only had positive experiences.
North Bergen is a diverse town close to New York City. There are many restaurants that are reasonably priced and serve very good food. The town is great for anyone who wants to work in New York City but does not want to pay NYC rent.
I have lived in this town my whole life. I've played town rec sports and attended all the Winter Festivals. The town has always had a real sense of the word community and I couldn't have imagined growing up anywhere else.
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I lived in Jersey City for awhile and moved to North Bergen a few years ago. I love the area. I feel safer walking outside and not worrying about where I am . I enjoy the access I have to the city, and Hoboken. The area that I live is clean, and properties are being built around us making the city better. The 82nd street park is being renovated so I am excited to see how it will turn out. Overall, love living here!
I give in north bergen Township an four stars because I think they do not give the parents a lot of flexibility for example; after school programs with low or no payment at all. Another experience, it is when summer arrived we do not have public pool. You must have a membership which considering low or middle income people, it's high. Overall, it is a good and peaceful neighborhood.
I've been living in the town of North Bergen for the past 6 years, it has been very pleasant experience at meeting new people, very nice neighbors and a very clean environment. Around 4 years ago didn't feel as safe as now, now you can tell that authorities from the law are around, which of course makes you feel more safe, i actually had an experience a week ago, when i got home from work at 1 am, which means that it was very dark but 2 police patrols were by my house and i stopped feeling scare. In my experience North Bergen is a very quiet, safety and clean place of a nice family.
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