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Snoqualmie Valley is a beautiful place to live that offers so many enriching outdoor activities. Our downtown is charming with a variety of shops that add to its small town charm.
North Bend is a beautiful town with many opportunities for outdoor recreation and community. The mountainous landscape and hometown feel are characteristic of the area, though recent construction is beginning to deter from the overall scenic beauty.
Have lived in North Bend for 18 years. It's a small town along I90 with easy access to both Eastern Washington and the Seattle area. In recent years, many homes have been constructed in a push for expansion.
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North Bend, WA is a beautiful place to live and visit. Many hiking trails spread throughout the valley and many within driving range. Snoqualmie River is a blast to float down every summer, and to feel in awe of its waterfall.

Mt. Si is picture perfect for every sunrise and sunset. Whether you hike the mountain or grab a bite to eat at the local Thai restaurant (they have a telescope in one of their booths pointed at Si), you might be able to see mountain goats taking their own day climb.

Lots of great food, shopping located in the outlet mall, farmer's market, and events to satisfy anyone!
Now, months away from my departure to college, I express immense gratitude for growing up here in the Pacific Northwest my whole life. I am surrounded by beautiful forest and get opportunity to view North Bend's personal mountain, from any location in town. A large complaint I have unfortunately, is the price to live here. I hoped that in my future I would be able to give my kids a chance to experience growing up in North Bend too, however with the prices continually raising to exceeding heights I most likely won't be able to financially support my family. The other factor that I find rather disappointing, is the diversity. Currently a senior in High School, the majority of our school is white. This can cause kids my age to sometimes lack appreciation of other cultures and better understand past and present prejudices these minorities experience.
North bend is great because of how close everyone is. being a small town I have many friends that are near me and I'm also near stores and restaurants and the outlet mall.
There are a lot of interesting shops and places to eat. It used to be a pretty small town, but now there are a lot of residents moving here and more and more homes are being built. I would like to see the price of homes lowered and some more businesses moved over here as well.
A small town feel with friendly people, but big enough to have conveniences such as multiple grocery stores, and surrounded by beautiful scenery.
Let me start off by saying there isn't anything i would change about North Bend. It's a place in the forest area of Washington State with beautiful scenery, wildlife and friendly people. It's quiet and peaceful, with everything a person could possibly need to live comfortably.
A great little town that has lots of local events that fit every person. It is very close to a large amount of hiking trails. The town has everything that you might need; groceries, pet supplies, outdoor gear, shopping, food, and more!
North Bend is a family friendly town with great out door activity options and an outlet mall. There are good restaurants some of which are open late with a city implementing a effort to revitalize the down town area including an new city hall. It's a town that gives off the small town video but conveniently located to big towns for you shopping and entertainment needs.
The community is inclusive as long as you maintain a relationship and involve yourself, if you're able to keep doing that, the community will offer their support in return. People usually end up living here a good majority of their lives because it's such a wonderful place for adults to start a family, albeit kids can feel a bit restricted without some of the highlights of city or even a larger town life. Pets are a huge part of my neighborhood and almost every neighborhood in the area, and we all generally have a shared appreciation of dogs especially, because of this, events having to do with your dogs, pets in general provide big opportunities for social involvement.
In my area little to no crime is visible, and the criminal activity that does go on is usually quickly stopped or responded to, or at the very least non invasive to the community. The police are generally fast acting, reliable, and maintain a good relationship within the community.
My neighborhood and the surround area is a perfect place to find stability as well as possibility, while allowing for a diverse community and inclusion. When I look at my neighborhood and by extension my town I see a place that has a lot of the good qualities of America like owning a home, a yard, having a family, being involved within your community, without some of the setbacks like poor public education, a difficult employment environment, and even bad weather. I think if I had the opportunity to live here again, I would because the enivironment is so all-encompassing almost anyone could find their niche living in the Pacific Northwest area.
Average income in WA is 150 thousand a year. But the people who make that much work at Microsoft or are a lawyer or doctor. If you aren't any of those things, the housing cost is quite unfair.
The community I am a part of is the best. There are so many great people here I love having in my life
Crime in Washington State has gotten worse. Ever since pot was legalized here, there are alot more people driving under the influence. I ride a road bike in the streets and I don't feel as safe as I used to.
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I love living in Washington State. For any person who loves the outdoors you can do literally any outdoors activity here. And we have some of the best medical care here out of the entire country. I've lived here my whole life and I don't plan on living anywhere else. The mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys and coast are greatly contrasted by it's cities, towns, businesses and nightlife :)
There are so many beautiful houses in this area, but they are very expensive. Living in such a scenic area, you are often paying for the view. Houses that are much closer together in neighborhoods obviously are much cheaper than those with large sums of land.
The sense of community is very strong in this area. Everyone goes to the high school football games on Friday nights and cheers on the Seahawks on Sunday's.
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