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Life is wonderful here in North Bend. Wish I would have raised my kids here when they were growing up.
Although beautiful, North Bend Oregon is not especially wonderful. The mayor in this town tends to avoid allowing bigger chain restaurants, shopping centers, or stores in this town. It's frustrating and I think it creates a problem with homeless people and drug use in the area.
I have lived in North Bend Most of my life, its a very family friendly place! The only thing I would change is just having more things to do at night.
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I liked the access to beaches and our downtown area. I especially loved the high school here. I do though wish to see the amount of vagrants lower.
Great city to raise a family. Good schools. Friendly, small-town atmosphere. Nice restaurants. Close to the beaches, rivers, dunes, and mountains. Hiking, fishing, rockhounding are all just a short distance away.
North Bend is a lovely town, with both pros and cons. Its location is in a perfect distance between hikeable forest trails and beautiful Oregon coast shores. The people, for the most part, are friendly and kind. I've met many wonderful people here since I've moved from Texas last May.

It does have downsides, being an older coastal town it is a bit dingier than I am used to, although some could say that adds to its charm. The other downsides are its significant homeless population and rampant drug problems. Much of the community has banded together to provide food and lodging for the homeless, in the area, many of whom have come from neighboring Eugene, and Portland. Despite the homeless problem being so prevalent, It's a beautiful thing to see the community come together in response, to help their fellow man.

Before my family's move to this area, we investigated many towns, to find the best choice for our family. At the end of the day, I'm very happy that we ended up where did.
The town is beautiful and has amazing beaches and hiking spots. However, there is a huge drug problem affecting residents of all ages.
The scenery in this town is absolutely stunning. It’s a great place to hike and visit the beaches. The one major issue however, is the huge homeless and drug problem here. Many kids do or have done drugs in this area.
I would like to see growth. The area has remained the same for many years and growth has been thwarted by leaders.
North bend is an amazing location for the out doors it has beaches sand dunes and inland a little ways you have the rivers and mountains. There's not a whole lot of stuff to do in town but there are a couple really nice bars like the Koney Station and Walt's Pourhouse, both with really good food. There is 2 casinos in town now. Southwestern Oregon community college has a lot of down to earth instructors and makes it easy to get through.
I like North Bend but I wish that we could have more stores and get rid of the homeless population by helping them get on there feet. I wish we were able to bring in bigger stores and be able to keep them longer than 4 years.
I've lived many many places and out of all of them I still would rather live here. North Bend has always just felt like home. It's a beautiful coastal town with plenty to do for families or singles.
Pretty little town on the coast. The beaches are a great. It's a small town making it normally pretty quiet. There does tend to be some areas that are frowned upon, Empire. The schools are rather nice and have good sports teams. The area is pretty family friendly. Parents are often involved with school programs.
North Bend is a very good place to live if you like the small town feel with great community involvement. The schools are second to none and with a population of 10,000 we have both the advantages of a larger town and also the advantages of a smaller town. North bend has beautiful coast lines and if you don't mind it being a little cold, North Bend is a top notch place to live.
It's an alright place to live but it not only needs more job opportunities, it need a bigger variety of jobs.
It's a small town, there aren't many major crimes.
Our fire department is amazing
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We are coastal so expect rain.
I have only had one job, but the one I have pays.
We are on the Coos Bay so seafood is always fresh.
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