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North Bellport is a part of the South Country School District. The district has one of the best arts and music programs in Suffolk County. The housing market is not the greatest and there isnt any nightlife to speak of. It is a diverse community with a rising Latino population. It is close to the LIRR and two major highways
The crime rate keeps rising in this area. There is no safety anywhere and almost everyone is in a gang.
I would personally not choose to live here all over again. It is an highly unsafe area with no protection and rude people.
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I haven't heard of anything bad around here.
I love living here. The only downside is the horrible smell of rotten eggs whenever the humidity goes up.
Everything is just fine in this community.
So far I have not seen or experienced any crime or unsafeness in my area.
I love everything about this area, the way things are managed here is very well done. I would definitely live here all over again if I could, but I just moved here about four months ago so I cannot do that now.
There are some towns that are notorious for its corporate parks, and they're never far from where one might live. There are plenty of diverse opportunities for any specialty, and if you have a hard time finding out how, the locals are easy to approach and will get you on the right path.
Long Island's taxes are notorious for being high. And to what those tax dollars go to, I really don't know.
The police are responsive when you're speeding on the highway, but can be pretty slow to come to your house if there's an emergency. It typically takes a few calls to the police department notifying them of a fire until they dispatch someone.
Long Island isn't like most places where you can give them a few adjectives. This place tends to have a very distinct look, depending on what town, county, or even shore you're on. Those who have grown up here can tell you "this place looks like the north shore" or "this place looks like Nassau County." Depending on the neighborhood, you can have big lawns with small houses, big houses with small lawns, a large amount of space between houses, or barely a foot between them. That's what makes Long Island so great - it has every trait that someone could identify with to call home. But the good thing is that no matter where you are, there's always a beach nearby.
The great thing about the North in particular is that you'll always get four seasons. Even so, it's best to prepare yourself for serious heat or deep freeze. While it's not as bad as Massachusetts or upstate NY, it can still get pretty serious, with highs up into the 90's-100's for a week straight or negative temparatures for a month. Flooding is really only a concern to certain parts of the Island, particularly if your backyard is the Bay. Once in a blue moon, we get hit hard like we did with Hurricane Irene and Sandy, where people are still recovering from the damage. It's not a yearly occurrence, so we can always count our blessings on that.
Long Island is home to the scene of the popular and famous - ranging from heels-only clubs to dive in bars (which happen to serve the best food somehow). I've been to a lot of bars up and down the East Coast, and they close at 2am, whereas where I live, the party is just getting started. You can find a great bar just about anywhere, and their happy hours are unbeatable. Choose your scene - want something chic and sophisticated, romantic and intimate, or a big place where you can gather up your friends and make a lot of noise. Whatever you want, Long Island has it.
Bellport and Patchogue Village are the perfect places to go if you're looking to getting familiar with the Long Island vibe. Main Street in every village on Long Island is populated by cute mom and pop shops, filled with goods you could never find anywhere else! A lot of them sell locally grown or made goods, so you know that when you buy, you're supporting Long Island and its inhabitants. The street has everything from artist supplies, pet shops, convenience stores, and infamous delis. It's one stop shopping; something that you can't find anywhere else in the US!
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