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Originally a blue-collar town that has been changing over recent years. A lot of new families and homes are popping up. The schools are great but the cost of living is uninspiring. Nassau is the new Queens...
North Bellmore is an extremely quiet environment. It is very safe, and you just feel secure anywhere you are. The streets are illuminated at night, which allows for your sense of security and it experiences minimal amounts of accidents.
This is small town in which chances are you will know everyone some way or another. There Is not much to do here however the places to go are in Merrick which is just a town over
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We moved to North Bellmore four years ago. We have found the neighbors to be friendly and they watch out for each other. We are very impressed with the school district.
Bellmore is a very family oriented, nice, and quite town. It is located not too far away from the city, and is close to many outdoor activities one can partake.
I love everything about Bellmore, I was raised here and lived here my entire life. My roots are in Bellmore and the surrounding towns. It's a safe town with plenty to do with decent homes to live in.
I've lived in North Bellmore all my life and I wouldn't have wanted to be raised anywhere else. It is the perfect suburb that is just about 20 mins from Queens. The city and the beach are both extremely accessible due to the situation of the town that's near two major parkways (the Wantagh and the Southern State). There are a lot of places to eat nearby and it's a great area. Everyone takes care of their properties and makes the town look stellar.
It's a decent enough suburb with neighbors who are nice but not on top of you. Plenty of shopping and malls within a 5-10 mile distance. Decent public schools. Plenty of parks and playgrounds.
There isn't much that happens in my area that I am aware of. Since people don't hear much about what happens, I feel it is safe to assume the safety is pretty good.
This area is okay because it is nice, but it's expensive. Compared to other places around the country, my area is not a cheap place to live. If I could choose to live somewhere I would. I'm not sure where I would live, but it would definitely be somewhere where you get more for your money.
The housing in the area are nice and cozy. Not very big houses but they are nice.
The sense of community in this area is good. I went to go see santa yesterday on the fire truck and everyone is very pleasant, and talk to each other even though they have never met before.
I'm not aware of any crimes that take place.
Its a great neighborhood to be in, everyone is nice and good vibes are all around, when I am older I will continue to live here or find a place just like it. I am currently going to school in the west coast and the neighborhoods over there aren't even comparable to here. In the future I see Bellmore only getting better not worse.
There is nothing that necessarily jumps out as negative in this area, it just doesn't satisfy me, personally. I live in your average suburban town and i would prefer to live in a small-medium sized city that is not too far from state parks or beautiful hiking/ walking trails.
there are several really terrific restaurants
i am not familiar with the job market in this town
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there is a great ability to find what is needed
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