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So far living in North Beach has been okay. I have met wonderful people O now call my friends and enjoy the scenery. I just think it would be better if the drug problem went down.
I have lived in North Beach my whole life. I grew up in this town and witnessed the improvements in the city over time.
The people here are very friendly and always ready to lend a helping hand. People take care of each other and pull together to meet common goals. It is a wonderful place to raise children, with easy access to a Chesapeake Bay beach, waterfront activities, local parks, public library, museums, art activities, local festivals, a Farmer's Market, good schools, and churches. We've raised 4 children here and are looking forward to sharing our wonderful town with future grandchildren!
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North Beach is cute. However, over the past few years has been turned into a tourist attraction by the town council. I get that the town is trying to generate revenue, but at what expense. As a resident, there is now a traffic problem. At the peak of tourist season - a simple 2 mile trip to the grocery store can now take more than 20 minutes. Additionally, on the off-season there are way too many cops with nothing much to do other than issuing senseless traffic tickets for faulty tag lights or speeding up and down the streets practicing on how to turn on their sirens and lights (definitely a waste of government $$).
Great place to live! You can walk the boardwalk, hang out on the beach and attend many festivals each year! Great local shops!
I like that there is a beautiful beach and boardwalk to walk your dog on. There is a waterpark and a couple of resturaunts. The town is very quiet and there is a farmer's market on Fridays where you can buy fruits and vegetables.
Many residents are hunters, fishers, and crabbers. They make a good living, especially the crabbers. There are also oyster men as well. There are several parks you can meander through, even one with an active archaeological site. There is history here due to Southern Maryland being colonized in the 17th century.
Most crime is drug related. Very little to do with murder or kidnapping. There is a prescription and heroin problem in the county as a whole but it doesn't affect me.
I don't trust the local officials. Most are business owners who want to make it easier on themselves. We do have a great school system but we have children with no access to the internet because Comcast won't run the cable out to them. The Commissioners won't fix this problem either.
Being in the mid-Atlantic region means having four seasons. We catch remnants of hurricanes after they make landfall and nor'easters in the winter. Once every couple years we get enough snow to shut down roads and schools. Every five to ten years we get hit with a hurricane that causes a great deal of damage. We have had only one major tornado and one major earthquake in my lifetime.
Many people who live here work for the federal government and commute to Washington DC every day. There is also several bases that civilians work on near where I live. My town is almost midway between DC and Patuxent River Naval Air Base.
The bars are local flavor. There isn't much in regards to dancing. Sometimes there are bands that play on the boardwalk in the summer. Most people who want to go clubbing go to DC or Baltimore. That's also where you go for a really nice anniversary or any other celebration dinner.
There is only one grocery store. It is better to go to Dunkirk or prince Frederick to go shopping because you'll have a better chance of finding what you need. North Beach is a nice little town with little ships to buy knick knacks but it is very much a summer home community.
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