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I grew up their, so my roots are naturally going to be very strong. As you ask down below about diversity Bay Shore leads the way here. I grew up with people having many different backrounds
The police aren't around all the time but if a crime were to happen they'd arrive quickly.
This place isn't bad at all. Rarely any crime happens here and the neighbors are friendly.
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Finally getting some of the roads paved
Police can be seen at least once a month. They are relatively quick to respond and have become better over the past few years. Crime and graffiti have diminished greatly, or at least have become leaa visible.
It is not an area where I would want to live again, but it is not terrible. It is generally very quiet, but parties can get quite loud in the summer. Houses range from nice to rundown.
Although there was a handful of crime nearby where I live, it rarely occurs. I still have my sense of security.
The area is clear from the sound pollution found in the city and for most of the 365.25 days, I hardly hear any police cars pasting by.
I have seen a few accidents in this area and the police was here on time and managed the whole situation quickly and was very organized.

Crime rate is fairly low here.
People could be a lot more friendly and involved into the community.
Natural disasters do not affect my life very much. In the winter snow storms do get pretty bad but they are tolerable. I need to have winter clothes during the winter it is necessary.
Many places have specials for different days of the week and they offer so much more. Their is also a huge variety on food options and locations.
A lot of places around town require kids to at least be 18 years of age. Kids under that age aren't really considered to work very often so they can't find jobs. A lot of kids do want to work but don't have the opportunity to due to their age.
Around my area I can find everything I need the mall is very convenient and everything else is as well. I have nothing to complain about
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