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Its a great town that is super welcoming an friendly. Everything I need (library, high school, gas station, dentist, counseling services, doctors office) is super close !
One word to describe North Babylon, homey. It is easy to interact and get to know the neighbors around you. It is family friendly with a great supporting community. Having access to amazing shops and restaurants around you is one of the best parts about living here.
Tight-knit community where everyone helps one another and everybody knows your name. Community rallies around sports and special events at each and every turn. Support for the handicapped and elderly is a common characteristic throughout the community.
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It is very nice and quite there are a lot to do with the kids. There are two close malls and a new outlet that is adding new stores
Everything you need is close by. This includes grocery stores, Tanger Outlets (mall), doctor, tons of places for fast food, schools, hospital, parks, and pool. The neighbors are very friendly too. This is neighborhood anyone would fall in love with.
North Babylon used to be a great place but has slowly downgraded over the years. There is an increase in crime and racism which I have personally witnessed. The positive points about North Babylon is the amount of fast food chain options available. There is a wide range of Asian, American, middle eastern, and even European. The distance from Babylon village allows one to truly experience nightlife which the town itself lacks.
Growing up in North Babylon with it's diversity of people made me appreciate other cultures and traditions. Many of my friends growing up were from diverse backgrounds. I learned about their unique ways of family life, as well as them learning about mine. North Babylon is a working class, tight knit community in which neighbors come together to support the love for our town or support of a neighbor in need. One thing I would like to change in my community would be the up keep and maintenance of our infrastructure.
I’ve lived in North Babylon for 6 years now and I love it. The best neighbors I have ever had. It’s so tight knit and everyone looks out for each other. I’ve lived in 12 different towns and this one tops it. It’s very affordable for being in western Suffolk county. Crime is very low and NB has many civic associations that give and contribute to the community. I recommend anyone looking to live here to make NB home :)
North Babylon is a small knit community filled with great people who help one another. We come together for high school events and enjoy each other's company. There is rarely problems in this town. Love it!
North Babylon is a small town that need more recreational things to do. Although I've done my research and the education is pretty good.
Very nice area to live the houses are spaced away from each other. You feel like your in the center of it all. You have a small town to visit with shops, diner, nightlife and more Your closer to East to visit the vineyards, farmer markets and nature.
Town that has the most fast food chain restaurants in the world. the strip of Route 231 has many retail stores and you can find almost anything you need.
I like how calm the area is all the time. The community is very friendly and overall safe and very quiet. I do not regret choosing this area for living
Friendly educational community, plenty of places to eat and visit, extremely diverse, but high cost of living because of Long Island location.
North babylon is a friendly neighborhood. The school district is nice. it is a safe neighborhood and people look out for one another. i love this neighborhood and have being living here for 13yrs. My children love the school and the sports are great. The cost of living here is okay. It is very affordable. The crime rate is very low. there is a neighborhood watch in the town. I will recommend north babylon to anyone that wants a safe friendly neighborhood
I have lived in this town since I was three years old, that was over 19 years ago and I love how community based this place really is. There are so many community programs to engage in and that keeps us close as a whole.
I have been a resident of North Babylon, NY my entire life. I love how it's not necessarily a "small town", but everyone here knows each other. The school system is amazing and leaving students with the opportunity to go out into the world and succeed. The only areas that are lacking would be the night life because there's not a lot to do and within North Babylon itself, there aren't a ton of job opportunities. Besides that, it's an amazing town to grow up in and now I am content raising my son here.
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I have never experienced crime first hand in my neighborhood (though there are police around).
North Babylon was my town for over 15 years; it is where I grew up, and I have grown to love it. It is a middle class neighborhood, and crime seems very minimal.
Neighboours always have an ambulance. I wonder why
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