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I very comfortable city with easy access to many different location. There are many congested areas for restaurants, entertainment, etc., but it does not effect the natural scenery of the area.
It is a very boring. Not much stuff happens it very hard to say anything its a equal almount of good and bad stuff that happens just like every other place.
North Augusta is a good area to live in Aiken County. It has grown alot. The schools around this area ranks 5+. We just got a new baseball stadium that has brought alot of jobs to this area. Every place has a bad area but overall it's a pretty good place to live.
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I very much like the development plan here, especially when compared to Augusta and Grovetown. There has been a maintenance of the small town feel with modern quality of life.
North Augusta has a small town feel with an Ole Town area with quaint shops. It is also a growing city meeting and exceeding the needs of new arrivals to the area. It has several good schools located throughout the area and a brand new baseball stadium. It is now home to the Green-jackets baseball team. It has a close proximity to Augusta, Georgia, Aiken South Carolina and local fruit farmers in the Edgefield-Trenton area.
North Augusta is a beautiful town, but there is little to do here. Most teenage days are spent by the river at Hammonds Ferry or investigating the old mills in neighboring towns. Overall, everyone is nice and welcoming but there are also a good many who believe that North Augusta should stay closed off as a community and can be very rude to outsiders.
I enjoy living in North Augusta. It is a small town, but has a lot of shopping and eating options. It is also only 10 minutes from Augusta, GA where there are a ton of other options of things to do, and it is about 15-20 minutes from Aiken, SC. The only thing that has been disappointing me, lately, is that it seems North Augusta is now in competition with Augusta. I enjoyed it being relatively small but it's expanding so much now and there is added traffic because of it.
Small town with beautiful weather and scenery. It's the beautiful Riverside town located on the Savannah river just across from Augusta, Ga.
While North Augusta is a very tight knit community, at times this becomes a problem. Unfortunately if you are not a well known name/family within North Augusta, you will be excluded from many opportunities.
It’s not a bad city. Plenty of places to eat. Not a bad area. Very close to downtown district and I 20. Can get most anywhere near here in 20-30 min. Police are strict, but it keeps the riff raff out.
It's quiet...not far from augusta...Convient to nearby colleges in Aiken sc..Aiken Tech and USCA...plenty of shopping centers nearby. Sheriff department very active in area to keep it safe.
I like how North Augusta still has a small town feel. Unfortunately, our town leaders have decided to make changes in the past 2 years that have brought a lot things into our community to inspire growth; however, they have caused many problems including higher taxes to fix a budget that is millions of dollars in the red.
North Augusta is the perfect size to get to everything in under 30 minutes. There are so many places to go shop and eat and it's always getting better.
North Augusta is the perfect town for the typical suburb family. Located directly beside the huge city of Augusta, North Augusta is full of many outstanding high schools. This town has two Walmart as well as many convenient stores and restaurants. This town however could use more public places to connect more with the adult crowd.
I love how involved involved the residents and neighbors are. Our community is so welcoming is loving to all who come to visit or stay.
I have lived here my whole life. It’s a great community to raise a family. We are a small town but with lots of fun things to do and see. My favorite, the Greenway. It’s a path that goes all around our city made for walker, runners, biking and more. You’ll walk right next to the beautiful Savannah river!
I love the community of North Augusta! It feels like everyone cares for each other and everyone has a place to belong!
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Good Afternoon,
I've lived in North Augusta my whole life. It is a nice town to live in. North Augusta is a very community oriented town with the different community events it has through the year. There are a few restaurants in North Augusta but if you are looking for night life you've got to drive across the river to Augusta, GA. North Augusta is a safe town, the police are all very professional.
I love North Augusta. It really feels like home here. It has the big city places with a small town feel. Everyone is your friend here. I feel safe when I am in North Augusta and feel as though I can ask my neighbors anything and they will help me.
North Augusta is a fun town with a lot of things to do. The town is constantly growing and changing. People from all over with different backgrounds and experiences can be found here. There is also the Masters that takes place here and brings in people from all over the country to the state.
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