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Crime is low and safety is high.
Unfortunately high level of homeless. Officers are great at responding quickly. Neighbors watch for each other.
Life is simple, family is important. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Mounts, 45 mins from State Capital Couple hours to the beach.
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People live here for generations, maybe move away for a while but come back, people are happy here
Crime seems to be low, usually perpetrated by criminals passing through
This is a small town with all of the charm of a small town, friendly residents who help each other. Its also very close to big cities, which brings the drug users and homeless around, but overall crime is low and traffic is slow, so kick back and go with the flow.
This is more of a retail job market location. CVS, K-mart, Target, etc. all need people all the time. And newest addition is Michael's so this store will need people as well.
Downtown Auburn has some unique stores and restaurants but with the stores it has things you would not find elsewhere. One of our newest stores it Home depot and Target. It seems weird to be excited for this additions but I am grateful. They have saved me a time or two.
Personally, it is not about the food but the atmosphere. Old town Auburn has the best, down to earth and rustic feel. So naturally the food tastes similar. Home cooked and quite tasty. One of the many things I love about Auburn.
Always fabulous! Nice and cool, always sunny. Very rarely ever hot or humid.
I've always felt safe in this area, but there are a couple places after dark that I don't feel comfortable walking through - mainly in the dark area of the fire road by my house's front door.
Most people in this area work in Sacramento or the surrounding area, but there are job opportunities available in my area.
Nearby there is an Ikeda's organic grocery store, which has quite a selection of stuff to choose from. Lou LaBonte's is terrible - only go there if you want to have the runs for the rest of your natural life. The Millennium Smoke Shop is nearby and has both a wide selection and knowledgeable staff. The ARCO nearby has decent gas and cigarette prices.
The good is really good and when you want to get a drink you can usually get a drink and food at the same place. The cost is okay most of the time, but can be pricey.
I have not had good luck on always finding a job. A lot of places are family owned so most of the time they are not hiring and if they are they go by someone who know or who is in the family. Lots of people do not leave their jobs so it makes it hard to find one and one that will pay well.
They are great. When you go downtown, you can find most things you need. The restaurants are very good and not always too expensive. They have nice people, and people seem to be caring for the most part. The food is always very well worth the cost and the service is always pleasant. It is a smaller town that is growing, but for now they do not have a lot of different places to shop and buy groceries. You have to usually go out of town to eat somewhere nice or common, or go to the mall and shop you have to leave town also.
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