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We moved to North Attleboro from Stoughton, MA earlier this year. We live in the historic district of Attleboro Falls. So far there are many positive aspects of our new town - a more defined downtown area with shops, businesses, and restaurants; a great school system; a lovely neighborhood; plenty of amenities nearby. When you move to a new town, there are a number of factors in your consideration process, such as housing cost, crime rate, commuting location, etc. There have been pleasant surprises that we didn't even think of that have made our transition to our new community even more pleasant. However, it is hard to break into a new community and establish new friendships and a "network" of folks that can be fundamental in that transition too. I know it takes time, so I hope a year from now we feel more entrenched and welcomed, and that it really feels like "home" to us.
We have lived in North Attleboro for nearly 12 years. We love the town. It's not a city. It's a New England town. The center of town is decent with stores and restaurants. We have good shopping with a mall and lots of shopping/restaurants on Rt1. It's a good place to raise a family. It is safe and the people are generally salt of the earth. It's proximity to Providence RI is a plus for theater, nightlife, and great restaurants.
I am currently living in North Attleboro and go to the North Attleboro High school. The high school is very diverse and is very passionate about sports. The town itself is nice and welcoming. It is very easy to get around and there is not much traffic now although it is starting to become popular.
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North Attleborough is a community based town that is just 10- 15 minutes away from the commuter rail to Boston and Providence. The Patriots are just 20 minutes away and there are wonderful schools and a town park for walking or bringing the family.
Although it is a nice town, they do a lot of stuff backwards here. This one particular road they must have paved three different times now because there have been construction scheduling and this one road has been ripped up each time. that is just one example. The police force is pretty harsh and very sexist, but that does not include everybody. the public schools only care about football and not the well being of student. although these are all complaints I have, North Attleborough does a good job on up-keeping the town and keeping its residents safe!
Best place to live. Great community. Great restaurants. Great job opportunities! Education opportunities. Peaceful. Quiet. Not run down. I have lived a lot of places and North Attleboro is by far the best place. I am here to stay for a long long long long time!!!!!!
North Attleboro is a great town to live in. The electric company is fantastic, and the neighborhoods feel welcoming and safe.
The school system is good, but needs more funding. It is a very safe and family friendly town. The taxes are low and it is an affordable town to live in.
My experience with North Attleboro has been pleasant. Being a current high school student, I can say the education system is second to none. Granted, the facilities are not up to date, but the education itself is great. There have been many renovations within the school, so change is coming to make it more physically appealing. School spirit is definitely abundant and there's always something to do on the weekend.
I was a student in the north Attleboro school systems and personally it wasn’t a great experience because the schools lacked money to support a well rounded education. There wasn’t a great music program and that’s what I wanted most. A lot is focused on sports in the town. There are nice people and good neighborhoods in the town and a lot of nice places to eat and visit.
Great school system,Close to Providence RI and 35 miles to Boston.Close to transit.Quiet low crime.Close to beaches.Close to Art districts such as WANG Center,Great Woods and PPAC NE Patriots play in Foxboro which is 7 miles away.Then you have Boston Bruin and of course Red Sox. Farm teams for Red Ox the Pawtucket Red Sox play next town over.Great buy.Tickets only $6.50.Fun night out for the kids.
Town is becoming very built up. Quiet neighborhoods can still be found, but Route 1 very congested and traffic lights make trips longer than needed.
North Attleboro is a tight knit, supportive community with great education systems. Neighbors are friendly, neighborhoods are safe, there are many clean parks and family friendly playgrounds. North Attleboro would be a great place to start a family!
Lots of townies. Big into sports, very republican, good sense of community. Poor eats. Good shopping locations throughout the town--easy access to mall. Little "healthy living"
Absolutely amazing place to start a small family, and or retire. Certainly not a place for teens or young adults to live because of the lack of nightlife. The town overall is very safe and family friendly. Plenty of safe things to do for families raising young children. Very reasonably priced town for its location and contents.
North Attleboro is a very historical area right in the center. I love just walking down the street looking at the beautiful architecture of the houses. They are definitely unique. There is also a lot of businesses in this area, I bet it will look very festive during the holidays.
I moved to North Attleboro when I was 13 years old. I have mixed feelings about my town. I love the friends I have made here and we have a lot of cozy neighborhood spots. There's many good restaurants, shops, and churches. I also love the town pride that people have here. My only complaint about my town is that some people aren't as tolerant of differences as I would like them to be and North doesn't do a great job of preparing young adults to enter the real world by teaching us how to be more independent.
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I Love this town, everyone knows each other. Very friendly quiet. Safe. Police are very careful in taking care all the citizens . No complain. Electricity is really low.
North Attleboro is a good town. Unfortunately I feel as though money is being spent inappropriately in the school system and giving precedence to athletic teams while ignoring the needs of non-athletic students.
A very friendly,fairly quiet and safe neighborhood. School system is decent and teachers are good though the system needs to update their books and teaching materials more often. There's a variety of extracurricular activities for students including hockey, volleyball,football, basketball and tennis. Downtown has many cute and convenient shops,banks,restaurants.
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