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North Arlington is a beautiful, quite, peaceful and friendly little town in New Jersey. I've been living here for the past three years and I couldn't be happier. All the neighbors are very friendly and there is a lot of family-shops in town, you can find all kind of different foods and services. Also is very easy to get to Manhattan from North Arlington which makes the comute something simple. The town is very clean and organized. It's a small town but is amazing living here.
I love living here. There is tons of different type of people. I feel safe here and the is places close by. North Arlington doesn't have stores like Macy's or Marshal's. But there is other towns near by. It is a very nice place to live. And you can make new neighbors all most ever new day. I am just trying to say that North Arlington a lot of things that i still do not know about, And I have lived here for about over 9 years. My grade for North Arlington Vikings is an " A " .
North Arlington is a quiet suburb with great schools and a tight-knit community. It's safe, with a relatively low crime rate, and was listed as Time Magazine's best place to live in the United States. I've lived here since I was four years old and have attended Washington Elementary, North Arlington Middle School, and North Arlington High School. I feel that each school helped me grow as a person and gave me the tools I needed to succeed. It's a wonderful town.
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I moved to North Arlington when I was 13 years old. From the moment I moved here, I instantly fell in love with the town. It is pretty small but it has a lot of character. The school system here is great and so are the people in it. I love living here it really did change my life for the better.
Amazing town. Actually voted #1 city to raise a family! The people are friendly, you have everything you need extremely close by. The school system is alright, calm streets, no violence, no problems, highly recommend.
Clean and safe environment. My neighbors are very friendly. It is a little too expensive to live in, but I do love it.
North Arlington is a quiet little town in between Lyndhurst and Kearny. Although the majority of the town is a cemetery , this allows for an underlying peace that is so cherished by the community. It always feels safe no matter the street or avenue and most would say they couldn't even remember the last time a crime happened in our town. The town services are always on par with the needs of residents no matter the extremity of the weather conditions which adds to the trust in safety of the town. This town is among my favorites in Bergen County.
Quiet town with retired elders and families occupying it. No fast food services in this town only local eateries. One Republic is a great place for drinks and appetizers.
I love the safe environment and that everyone is super friendly! I am currently a resident and I love the area. I graduated high school there and the teachers were so friendly and a pleasure to be around. LOVE NA!
My wife and I moved to North Arlington about a year ago and so happy we did. It's suburban but close to many highways in order to get to work and travel to see family in NY. The area is quiet and safe which was a huge contributing factor to us moving here. It has many family businesses which we appreciate. We now have as local spots we go to for coffee, food and entertainment.
A very nice clean and quiet residential town. Though a retirement area, it still has that hustle and bustle like any other suburban town. Many areas have the view of the city line which is always a plus. North Arlington happens to be last Bergen county town bordering Hudson county which makes it easy access to visit downtown Jersey City or take the tunnel or Ferry into New York City.
The town is quiet and provides lots of activities and town functions for families and children. The crime watch and police work together to keep everyone safe and happy. The bus station is nearby and gets everyone where they want to go. There isn't any type of nightlife, but it's close enough to the bigger cities.
I would like to change cost of living in North Arlington as Real Estate Market. My mom would love to buy a home and it is extremely expensive to live in this town. It is a great town to live in. I have attended all the public schools since the fourth grade and I will truly miss them all when I go to college.
No crime near my neighborhood
Small city but well known, Everyone knows each other
Police are great, streets need to be paved ASAP.
I have lived here my whole life, things go smooth.
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The town is an average cosmopolitan living area. It is located near the New York City area, which gives it easy access for commuters who may work in the New York City area. Buses and trains make commuting quite easy and accessible for everyone. There are not many good restaurants in the town, but the diners near by are excellent, and it is easy to find good restaurants within miles of going out of town. Though being located right between Newark and Jersey City, it is quite safe, for the most part, though we do experience our fair share of crime every so often.
I can not find a job.
The stores where I live are horrible. The whole town is bad.
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