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North Andover is a great town and community. It has excellent public schools and is a safe, nice community. There aren't as many exciting places for night-time venue. But it is close to Boston and does have some great places to eat and close places to find entertainment.
I've lived in North Andover for 15 of my 17 years of life, and I think that it's a relatively safe place to raise your kids in. I haven't gotten into too much trouble- granted, this town doesn't have too much to do. There aren't many restaurants around that are amazing- a lot of sub shops and Dunkin' Donuts, sure, but not many real sit-down restaurants. The schools are really nice and modern, especially the high school.
North Andover is a nice place to live. Very clean and has a lot of things to do within the community.
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I grew up in North Andover and attended preschool through high school in this town. My experience here has always been very positive. The school system was excellent and allowed me to get into a great college.
North andover is 30 miles north of boston. commutable to boston, the seacoast, NH and cape cod.
public schools are quite good. safe town.
North Andover, MA is a relaxing suburb town near Andover, Wilmington and Boxford. It has a superb school system with amazing teachers who really go above and beyond. There is a lot of nature to explore and enjoy. There are a lot of spots for fishing, canoeing, and hiking trails.
Very diverse community. Close to major highways and other towns, but also feels secluded at the same time. Great shops, restaurants, and businesses.
Raising my family in North Andover has been a good experience. They have a decent public school system, good community, and safety is not an issue. I would like to see more weekend community youth events. Other than that, my overall experience with North Andover has been a good one.
I would like to see more town activities similar to Andover. The sheep sheering festival is lovely and would love to see more events like it. I love this town.
I like that it is family friendly. And the school system is decent. The cost of living is high. It is not diverse.
I have met good friends through connecting with other parents in the school system. North Andover is very much divided with regard to "good side of the track( wealthy ) & bad side of the tracks (middle/low class) there is a very clear divid. You will become very much aware of this once your children get into the school system.
North Andover is a pleasant town, but not extremely diverse. It is quiet for the most part, with relatively low crime and great public schools. There is not a ton to do in town, making life in North Andover a wee bit boring.
Overall I'd say that North Andover is a good place to live. It's generally pretty safe and the most of the schools are good. It's good for families and children. However, if you are looking for nightlife (like for teenagers and twenty-something) year olds, there is none. There's not that much to do for young adults.
North Andover is a well-organised city with great schools like Merrimack college. This college has brought a lot of international students from across the world and in addition helped to improve small, medium and large businesses within the area. On the other hand, North Andover does not have a good transportation system as you will have to own a car or use a private taxi service (Uber) to enable move around. This system cannot be afforded by all, including students. I would want the transportation system to improve so that people can move freely and also come into North Andover without any transportation restrictions.
North Andover is a nice, safe place to live. However, tax rates are high, night life is non-existent and most of the restaurants have boring menus. The downtown area has poor accessibility and needs a complete overhaul.
I have lived here my entire life. It is your typical suburb. It is very safe and near a lot of different things but the town itself isn't very fun. Great school systems and nice area.
Crime and safety here is not something that I have to think twice about. This community is a very safe community and I never feel more safe than I do at home. I have been to a lot of cities and a few countries, including Korea and Vietnam and my hometown is only second place to Seoul, Korea. This town has little to none crime and I feel safe walking alone at night or driving around town in the evening. There's little to no theft and vandalism. The only crime however are more so are in schools such as drug use or bullying/hate crimes. These do happen, I wouldn't say everyday but sometimes and sadly this happens here and this is the outcome of what can happen in any community.
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In terms of safety and suburban feel this town is great. However in terms of feeling a sense of belonging being an Asian American minority there are much better communities that I feel more situated in, for instance Boston. The education system in North Andover I am very appreciative of however because it has challenged me and once I went to college looking back it has allowed me to see how important my education is and the educators pushed me to work harder than just simply pass a class. Compared to the city this town offers a smaller amount of activities to do and less of an open minded community which is what this town needs to grow and work to become like the diverse community in Boston.
The police are very serious when dealing with crimes.
I love my town. The people are very nice The town is small which is better.
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