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My family and I have lived here for 3.5 years, I am a college student. Compared to other places, North Amherst is in the top three places I have ever lived. The community standard for safety is bar none. The bus system is fantastic. The experience for my child in the local school has been great. There is a great, very inexpensive grocery store you must try if ever here, the name is Aldi. Year round, the town has community events; for example, this past weekend we went to a Winter Farmers Market. Excellent.
I have not run int issues with crime and safety. At times the UMASS students can be rowdy, but they are usually cleaned up pretty quickly.
Amherst can be seen as pretentious but that doesn't take away from the amazing community of acceptance that has built around marginalized groups (although that being said, racial diversity still needs to be worked on).
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Lot of metered spots, parking stickers very costly
Wouldn't come here to visit but might do a day trip
Long snowy winters, awesome spring through fall
Great pizza shops, diners, and bars all around
Plenty of opportunities for employment of students
Local businesses are what runs Amherst downtown.
Police are always around, yet I have never consulted them
Not a lot of money for improvement, but small fixes can make it a lot better
protected in valley, but cold like rest of MA
not much variety, far from city
There are a lot of options around, but they aren't always the best
This small town only does well because of the colleges surrounding it. It is very poor and unfortunately does not meet all my needs.
I do not see anything that is to bad with crime and safety are these parts. Like anywhere crime still exists.
It has a wide variety of eatery's, organic food restaurants within the area that make choosing a place to go tough because they are all so good.
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There are an abundance of retail stores and local businesses that are great for the area.
There is a great sense of community.
There are a lot of jobs around but most of them are customer service jobs.
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