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The area around the college is relatively safe. In the downtown and edges of town, crime is more prevalent. The campus is patrolled constantly by the school's own Department of Public Safety. Officers are armed (Special State Police Officers) and sometimes assist/are assisted by the North Adams Police Department.
Great town growing up in but over the years crime rates has gone up. This is a small town in Western Massachusetts were everyone really does now everyone. People are very nosy here and the word spreads around fast.
It has a wonderful art scene and wonderful community members who look out for each other. There is a great sense of community that you can feel when you are there. They push for the best and have amazing people on the jobs pushing for just that.
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North Adams has been a wonderful community to spend my time as a college student in. From the amazing resources at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, to the local art scene brought out by MASS MoCA, to the number of delicious local restaurants - this town has a strong spirit and amazing sense of community!
North Adams is a very quaint city; Main Street and downtown are very artsy and fun. With one of the largest contemporary art museums in the nation, Mass MoCA, a focal point of the region, North Adams seems to be flourishing. But it is not without it's problems, like any city.
North Adams is a small beautiful town in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. I moved here roughly 3 years ago, and I find the change to be extremely smooth, and easily acclimating. The one thing that I would change about North Adams is there is not enough variety of events and actives in this town. Yes, it is great for small business, art, and music, but if you are not into that subject, the most you have for fun and family time is bars and restaurants. I believe if the variety of events in this town were to rise, so would the tourism.
There are a lot of criminals coming into the area with drugs and a lot of people are overdosing on them.
In all honestly a lot of other places are getting better while my home is getting worse. We are losing jobs because companies can't make money and drugs are being carted in daily. Many people are trying to move out but can't afford to because of the meager amount they make now.
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