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I moved here with my family just because it was an easy to get an apartment right away. I'm not a huge fan of the specific area that I live in because it's all run down and too expensive. The apartment is terrible. I can't wait to buy a house somewhere else.
I like that Norristown is a very diverse neighborhood with a great school district and job opportunity which is a nearby commute.
Though the people here are less than likable at times, it is a great environment to be in. Living in the city for so long, I felt that Norristown was a good refresher in life. There's a lot of merits to it and I think that it can become something special.
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I have nice and friendly neighbors.. I live near school and church. I happen to live near a grocery store but it is Mexican but it has what I need too.
Crime is high. Roads suck. Traffic around downtown can be tough. East Norriton part of time is not too bad. Avoid around the hospital.
I have been living in Norristown for only 2 years with my family who lived here for several years. It is a great neighborhood and because of how small it is, it's easy to get around.
I love the diversity of this town and all the hispanic restaurant. Living here makes me feel good around of so many nationality. Helping my Hispanic people makes me feel good that I'm doing something good for them. I just love living here and get to meet all the people i know.
The mindsets of some should change, but overall it is a good place to live. It has much more opportunities than what my previous school had.
It isn't the safest place to reside in but it certainly has an immense amount of great diversity. It is relatively young as it had it's bicentennial a couple years ago so of course it is still developing and has room for improvements.
I like living in Norristown. It has a city feel but it's really a small town. It's urban enough to satisfy the needs, but suburban enough to feel like a small town.
We live on the last block before East Norriton begins but we live within the Norristown Borough. It is a nice neighborhood with houses throughout the area. There are only a few houses up for sale in the near vicinity. I like that Norristown has multiple public transportation options with reasonable expenses (especially into Philadelphia). Norristown also has some unique shops and a large thrift store that is next to the Social Security Administration and also the Pennsylvania DMV. It is very easy to find a grocery store, general shopping, shops and also services for all. Norristown also provides easy access to major routes - the turnpike, Route 202, Route 476, and Route 76 to provide a few. Norristown is about the average as far as renting renting costs. The main thing that I do not like about Norristown is the crime rate. While we are on the border of East Norriton and Norristown, it is a little safer. However, within several blocks there are numerous crimes committed.
I enjoy my neighborhood in Norristown. It is relatively quiet with few disturbances, I'm surrounded by trees, and my neighbors are very friendly.
I love how close it is to the city of Philadelphia. There is a great public transportation system. The people are friendly. There is always something to do whether it is in the city or close by.
My experience with Norristown is quite diverse. I see many different cultures and occupations. I am a first responder with a local ambulance squad. I have seen people in their worst of times, which has brought out the best of neighbors, strangers and even businesses. I truly believe the difference in cultures and jobs and just the simple way people live is the reason for the Norristown becoming a great place that cares about each other.
I would like to see less petty crime and more neighborly action when it comes to helping others. There is way too much crime and even littering.
I currently live in Norristown. There are a lot of job opportunities in the area. Great place to raise your children. Norristown school district is not the best school system in the area but some of Norristown is a part of Methacton which is better. Norristown is approximately 30mins to 45 mins from Philadelphia.
The streets are always under construction. The citizens are not friendly. The lifestyle is complicated and not safe.The streets are dirty
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Norristown has many affordable suburbs that are great for families looking to be involved in their community. Community and neighborhood camaraderie are positive and strong! I can't speak for the more urban parts of Norristown, but the rural areas are very clean and offer beautiful housing. There are a ton of great restaurants and is a great location, as it's close to many local tourists hot spots (Philly, King of Prussia, PA Turnpike, etc.).
Norristown is a family-friendly town filled with great restaurants and shops. It is a divserse community that welcomes people of all ages and races. Everything you need is right within waking distance, whether it be a grocery store, hair cuttery, or park. However, Norristown lacks a good public school system.
I love how personal and cozy my town is. There are so many diverse people and an abundance of welcoming, friendly faces. Since my town is fairly small, you end up knowing almost everyone and are bound to run into somebody while out and about. If anything, I would change the lack of effort put into a lot of the neighborhoods. There are such beautiful areas with so much potential, but people have to put in more love and care to bring that out.
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